To: MPs

Pension reform

Change the way the the pensions are indexed to the COL
At the moment no matter how much the COL increases, the increase is MINUS 1% of the figure, which means once on pension, you start losing ground in purchasing power ever year
The COL is no longer pegged to a basket of basics, but is now a basket across the board of items people only buy once in a while, so the figures are artificially skewed to 'prove' the COL isn't increasing the way it is a REAL terms.

The COL for pensioners should reflect the costs of food, fuel and services such as hydro, phone and transportation, all of which have increased dramatically above the supposed 2% per annum ! The fact electronics have dropped, helping to keep the COL low is meaningless,,you can''t eat a cheaper computer!

Why is this important?

At 82, I don't have long left, but for those about to retire,like my children and grand children, the struggle to survive will become more difficult as they age, and I'd like to leave the planet knowing their lot will be easier
I am lucky enough to be able to garden to supplement income and ensure I have decent food to eat, but as they are city bound, they will not have this option.