• Pollution sonore aérienne inacceptable
    Unissons-nous pour faire valoir nos droits. Pourquoi subir une pollution sonore quand nous pouvons agir dès maintenant! Demandons au Maire de St-Bruno-de-Montarville de nous représenter et d'assurer à tous les citoyens une vie paisible et sécuritaire!
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    Created by Sonia Simard
  • Trashtalking people with mental illness is wrong.
    It is hurtful and discriminatory to call people with mental illness "animals", "nutcases", and "crazy crazy".
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    Created by David Reville
  • Ban Autism "Conversion Therapy"
    LeadNow has a campaign to make gay "conversion therapy" illegal. That's great! But the original "conversion therapy" is the one that was invented to abuse autistic people, ABA. Gay "conversion therapy" was invented by the same man who invented ABA, Ivar Lovaas. Sadly, the mainstream thinks that ABA is helpful for autistic kids. That's horrifying. Why is ABA bad? ABA causes PTSD and zaps autistic people of their free will and decision making abilities. See: https://blog.theautismsite.greatergood.com/aba-therapy-controversy/ ABA is bad for the same reasons that "gay conversion therapy" is bad: "The strong and punitive aversives Lovaas suggested may not be as widely used today, but the reliance on rewards and punishment continues in other “therapies” and “interventions” that use the principles of ABA, which I’ll discuss in a future article. Some therapists argue that the more “modern” forms of ABA are more humane approaches, but they are nonetheless still based in the idea that autistic ways of being in the world are unacceptable and must be eradicated. So what’s the connection to gay conversion therapy? Well, Lovaas was also substantially involved in the Feminine Boy Project, which has strong connections to what is today known as gay conversion therapy. Psychologist George Rekers, a key figure in the world of conversion therapy (and co-founder of the notoriously anti-gay Family Research Council), used Lovaas’s techniques to treat so-called “deviant sex-role behaviors” in male children. And when you think about it, even if Lovaas had no connections at all to gay conversion therapy, ABA has enough similarities to gay conversion therapy that many autistics refer to it as 'autistic conversion therapy.'" See: https://nsadvocate.org/2018/07/11/treating-autism-as-a-problem-the-connection-between-gay-conversion-therapy-and-aba/
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    Created by Kimberly Crawley
  • International languages vs your child's education
    Our children are losing out on 120 minutes each week of the Ontario curriculum. The Education act states children have a right to 300 instructional minutes per day by a qualified teacher. The children at 44 schools in the TCDSB are at a disadvantage as they are receiving 2 hours less each week than students at non IL schools. International Languages are presently taught by instructors not Ontario Certified Teachers. During International Languages there are no class caps, meaning there may be 2 classes combined with as many as 60 students with one instructor. In a time when the math and languages scores are decreasing, let's petition for the students to receive the same instruction time as the rest of the students in the province.
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    Created by M Guzman
  • Raise Assistance Rates For The Disabled In BC
    Peoples health and persons have been kept in a position of peril year after year and month after month. Some have developed PTSD because of these actions and there have been many suicides for loss of hope. This raise must be adjusted yearly to keep up with the cost of living, as all deserve a quality of life!
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    Created by Dan de Lench
  • Develop a youth political party for next election
    Quite simply, the issues faced that are at a crisis point have been overlooked and ignored by the mainstream, corporate juggernaut; need the people without cynicism and broken,disillusioned hope that what we say is what we'll do...they are ready; look around the world, Quebec, Friday protests, use of social media...it needs to happen now
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    Created by Bryce Wilson
  • Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
    Ontario Power Generation plans to bury and abandon radioactive nuclear waste approximately 400 metres below the bottom level of Lake Huron. The Great Lakes are the largest freshwater source in the world providing fresh drinking water for 40 million people. There are 3 deep geological repositories on the entire planet and all have leaked - a 100% failure rate. Would you bury poison beside your well?
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    Created by Gregg Mason
  • Green New Deal In Burlington
    So we can have life on planet earth
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    Created by Dan Carter
  • Stop Killing Rare and Endangered Species on MK Delta Lands in Delta.
    Our disappearing peatlands (less than 3% of the earth is covered with them) and Burns Bog is part of that 3%. Like other peatlands it is home to many rare and endangered species. These include red and blue-listed butterflies, dragonflies, Sandhill cranes, Trowbridge's Shrew, Barn Owls and Green herons. When they are gone they are gone forever. The Federal Government used S.A.R.A. to save the Chorus frog in Quebec. The Federal government needs to do the same for the plants, insects, birds and animals on MK Delta's and Pineland Peat's land in Delta, BC
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    Created by Eliza Olson
  • Please Stop The Closing Of Pain Care Clinics in Ontario !!!!
    Just from my own experience I felt like I was going to die from my brain being so used to taking 2 pills every 4 hours along with 1 diazepam every 6 hours for panic attacks and sleeping medication at night so the pain would not wake me up every four hours from the back pain that I suffer from.Then he had his prescribing privilege taken away and I was forced by Him to quit taking all my pain and nerve medications cold turkey and I speak from experience Your brain does get used to taking these medications and if and when your suddenly forced to stop taking these prescriptions all of a sudden people will get deathly sick some having strokes and heart attacks through no fault of their own but from the Ford Conservative Provincial Party closing or limiting the amount of times that Pain Patients can access this Strictly Monitored Pain Care Clinic in St.Catharines ,Ontario. So if these Pain Care Clinics. are closed there will be some patients forced to buy these drugs or stronger ones (morphine) ( heroine) (fenthenayl) on the Street which will lead to many more people overdosing on illegal street drugs and not from their own fault but from the closing of the Pain Care Clinics where the Physicians closely monitor Their Patients all the time .This will ultimately cost the Ford Government more money to treat the overdoses that do not perish. So for the treatment of Patients Pain these clinic have become a last resort for the safe treatment of their Pain. I know it has been for me!!!
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    Created by Don Smith
  • Keep Tillicum Annex!
    Tillicum is a unique designated inner city school; part of a support network families depend on. Closure would disproportionately impact families in need. NEED: The school population reflects our diverse surrounding community with approximately 34% English Language Learners, 23% Special Needs Students and 21% Indigenous Students. Many families do not have cars and travelling up to 5km more to school each day would be a real challenge. FN students receive culturally appropriate support in a welcoming environment where they are well-represented. Tillicum offers Reading Recovery – Early Literacy (Reading) Intervention and we are a model of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) with Mind Up and Jump Start, and Ready Bodies Learning Minds (K/1). A higher % of families than usual are involved with Social Services - our Youth and Family Worker has years-long relationships with these children and families. The school's size allows the worker to work with all classes weekly to teach self-regulation and inclusion skills. SHARED USE: A well-attended Strong Start program in a Tillicum classroom prepares local children for school and supports parents in parenting and service referrals. Tillicum shares a city block with Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, a lifeline for many vulnerable families for whom cost and convenience are major factors: A large percentage of children at Tillicum are food-insecure or "at risk”. Kiwassa services include: free student/family breakfasts school days, low cost after-school and school break child care, drop-in Family Place, food banks and food programs, immigrant and translation services, and supportive housing. Kiwassa programs use the Tillicum gym for after-school programs regularly. DEMAND: In June 2018 though enough students had registered to have 2 kindergarten classes (20% expansion) VSB denied a 2nd class and these students were shifted to other farther schools.
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    Created by Carly Haddon
  • Support the Carbon Tax
    Scientist and economist all agree that Climate change is real and costing all of us. Our future generation will have to live with the legacy of our inaction. We need to do our best to protect the earth for our kids.
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    Created by Jason Hart