To: BC Transportation Minister Claire Trevena

Demand the BC Government provide affordable long-distance transportation on the Highway of Tears

Demand the BC Government provide affordable long-distance transportation on the Highway of Tears

We are calling on you to immediately fund long distance travel along the Highway of Tears.

Why is this important?

BC’s Highway of Tears, known for the number of primarily indigenous women and girls who have gone missing or been murdered from travelling along the highway since the 70s, is about to lose essential safe transportation.

Greyhound, who are the only providers of long-distance transport along the highway between Prince George and Prince Rupert, have applied to end all bus runs along the route. Once the Greyhound stops running, there will be no affordable long-distance transportation. [1]

The highway is a vital link for families and communities along Highway 16, the end of Greyhound service would put more people at risk, as hitchhiking may become their only option for travel along the highway.

It has been 11 years since the Symposium on the Highway of Tears submitted their final report and recommendations, yet few of these have been met. [2] It is time to take action, and demand safe, accessible travel along the highway.



Reasons for signing

  • It is critical that people in the North are protected from those who would harm them.
  • Because I witnessed the desolate isolation of some of the stretches of road, and cannot imagine walking along there at night depending on a stranger for help. When we drove into the Chilcotin this year we picked up two First Nation people who depended on rides to reach their destinations. It made me think of those women walking alone, hoping someone would help them, only to meet a situation where they were never to be seen again. It is heartbreaking.
  • There exists a substantial Indian reserve along this corridor, the majority of the dead and missing are young native girls. Most of our high cost of living goes out in transportation costs for necessities like food and heat. We are in a deplorable situation. We call to action this g o v. to provide a reasonable and safe means of transportation to and from home and work.We vote you in to do a job for us. If you ignore us, we can just as easily vote you out.


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