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To: Metrolinx

We want our buses back! Reverse the cuts between Union and Unionville

We want our buses back! Reverse the cuts between Union and Unionville

We are calling on Metrolinx to restore the GO Bus service between Union and Unionville during off-peak hours. People travelling outside peak hours to and from stations north of Unionville now have to use combination of the train and bus to commute, which adds over an hour to the journey each way!

Why is this important?

Off-peak GO Transit buses on the Stouffville line were recently cut by Metrolinx as part of their regional express rail plan.

Metrolinx promised that their new transit plan would “increase public transit to improve people's commute [as] part of [their] plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.” [1] This new plan completely disregards the needs of those who live in Markham, Stouffville - Lincolnville-Uxbridge and use the GO Transit service between Union and Unionville every single day.

Living in Toronto is becoming as unaffordable as the likes of New York and London, and these transit cuts make it increasingly challenging for people who work in the city to sustainably live in more affordable nearby towns.

I live in Markham, and my commute is around 50 minutes longer because I have to transfer and wait for the bus everytime I need to get home at non peak hours (which is often!).

We need to let Metrolinx know that these changes to our transit system have direct impacts on people’s lives, and that transit “improvements” can’t come at the expense of people who rely on their services to get around.



Reasons for signing

  • Offpeak hour trips can adds an hour to our commute time. This is ridiculous and it undermines why the route exists in the first place.
  • My daughters frequently use the Lincolnville GO bus to travel downtown to meet friends. It was so convenient to be dropped off by the bus within a short walking distance of our home. NOW after a train trip to Unionville, they are forced to wait for a connecting bus, often late at night, sometimes with very few other passengers - which puts them in a very VULNERABLE situation.
  • Not enough buses on off peak hours from Union to Unionville. One bus per hour is not enough. It is too long of a wait making commute time much longer.


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