• Tiny houses for Vancouver
    As Vancouver's housing crisis continues, communities and residents are exploring innovative housing solutions to meet their diverse needs. For many, tiny houses on wheels offer an affordable, sustainable, safe and dignified housing option. However, mobile tiny houses are not legally allowed as residential units in most municipalities across BC, including Vancouver. People who want to go tiny are being denied this housing option, or else living illegally and insecurely in mobile units. On October 20 2018, residents will vote for new mayors and councils across BC. This is a perfect time to tell our elected officials that we need access to housing that is truly affordable, sustainable, and conducive to long-term health of our communities. Around the world, tiny houses are gaining in popularity as an alternative model of affordable and sustainable housing for diverse populations. In growing urban centres, vacant, irregular or undeveloped lots could accommodate temporary tiny houses as a means of gentle densification. Tiny houses could also be used as small-scale infill housing to fit within residential neighbourhood contexts, or as laneway alternatives on single-family residentially zoned lots, creating space for intergenerational living. Zoning bylaws and building codes need to be updated to reduce barriers to alternative living. Housing options along the entire housing continuum should be discussed as part of any affordable housing strategy. Including tiny homes in election campaigns and later in zoning regulation changes is an important step towards creating room for innovative and creative solutions driven by the community. If enough people sign this petition, we’ll be able to convince mayoral and council candidates in Vancouver to include mobile tiny houses in their election platforms this October and, when elected, to work on legalizing tiny houses by creating municipal zoning for mobile tiny houses and supporting tiny house amendments to the BC building code.
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    Created by Emily Johnson
  • Save the Basic Income pilot
    I am a mother, a wife, and a daughter. I am a recipient of basic income. We are not statistics to be dismissed, we are humans. Doug Ford made an explicit campaign promise to protect this pilot project through to its completion in 2020. A guaranteed unconditional income has proven to provide security, stability, and human dignity, and the government made a commitment to me and 4,000 Ontarians to deliver that security. Yet less than a month into his term, Doug Ford has already violated that trust and destroyed a program that was restoring hope to us and gathering evidence that could give hope to many more Ontarians and Canadians. Promises broken in an instant and with no warning will change our lives, and not for the better. Basic income has allowed me to go back to school, afford hospital parking passes each month for my special needs child. Across the pilot sites, people who were previously struggling and often desperate are now starting businesses, getting educations, and providing for their families. [1] It has given us a moment where life was a little easier and a glimmer of hope that we will be ok! Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod are ripping that away. Even a Conservative former Senator is calling Ford and MacLeod out for the heartless and deceptive move. [2] This is an outright betrayal not only of our core Canadian values of compassion and care, but also of a promise this government made and the people to whom they made it. This is unfair and unjust, and we deserve better. Sign the petition telling Doug Ford and Minister MacLeod to keep their promise and complete the pilot - and get ready to help us to keep up the heat until we win this back. SOURCE: [1] http://lindsayadvocate.ca/basic-income-gone-fords-abrupt-cancellation-of-program-devastates-lindsay/ [2] https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-doug-ford-speaks-for-the-people-just-not-low-income-people/
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    Created by Jodi Dean
  • Stop the cuts to Ontario's Mental Healthcare!
    The people of Ontario are deeply concerned by Premier Ford's stated intention to divert mental health funding towards policing, in light of a mass shooting carried out by a mentally troubled person. From the beginning of Ford's premiership, his promised investment of $1.9 billion in mental health investments over 10 years already represented a $335 million annual cut in proposed funding to mental health. [1] From this already small proposed investment, Ford proposed shifting some of this mental health funding to policing. [2] This shift in policy perpetuates the long-standing problem of using reactionary measures like criminalization to address mental health issues, when instead, proactive measures like mental health support are needed. [3] The proposed shift in funding will harm the people of Ontario who depend on already scarce mental health resources, while signalling to the public that state force is an appropriate substitute for accessible care. [1] https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2018/07/26/tories-blasted-for-335m-cut-in-planned-spending-on-mental-health.html [2] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ford-to-use-mental-health-money-for-policing-1.4759578 [3] https://www.researchgate.net/profile/J_Wormith/publication/19251180_The_Criminalization_of_Psychiatrically_Ill_People_A_Review_with_a_Canadian_Perspective/links/55b946f108ae092e965b313a/The-Criminalization-of-Psychiatrically-Ill-People-A-Review-with-a-Canadian-Perspective.pdf ---------- Public Advocates in support of strengthening mental health funding: Bhutila Karpoche, MPP for Parkdale-High Park Community Organizations in support of strengthening mental health funding: Warrior Women of Quinte
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    Created by Chester Madrazo
  • Continue with the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project.
    This pilot project is extremely important to all Ontarians, regardless of disability or any other individual or family life circumstance. There is still far too much poverty in this province as it is, and I applaud Miss Wynne for her efforts regarding this invaluable financial plan, one of very few good ideas she proposed during her party's long leadership tenure. As prices continue to rise on everything in our daily lives, this file's urgency is key.
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  • Protect Chinatown from real estate speculation. Demand a public hearing now!
    Vancouver City Council delayed their decision to refer the new Chinatown zoning policies to public hearing by three weeks and will be reconsidering the referral on June 5. If the new policies do not get referred to public hearing, this means they will die on the vine and Chinatown will be continue to be open season for real estate developers and speculators. A newly formed group call "Chinatown Voices" made up of developers and property owners, like 105 Keefer's Beedie, are trying to derail the public hearing process and stop the necessary zoning protections for Chinatown. They already managed to get City Council to delay the referral for public hearing by three weeks. We can't let them win again. --- Why are the new zoning policies important? The new Chinatown zoning policies contains new policies that will potentially help alleviate the intense real estate pressures and protect the historic built character of the neighbourhood. If some of these measures to do not get put in place as soon as possible, the door is wide open for more proposals similar to the 105 Keefer rezoning and make it impossible for us to move forward with a UNESCO bid to designate Chinatown as a World Heritage Site. Major policy improvements include: - Rescinding of rezoning policy that allowed for higher heights (so we don't get another 105 Keefer proposal) - Restoration of the historic heights of the neighbourhood - Addition of density, site width, and retail width limits that were never in place before Full report here: http://council.vancouver.ca/20180515/documents/p8.pdf Although the zoning policies can have even stronger protections that what the City has currently proposed, we need to first get the new policies to public hearing to stop more 105 Keefer's from getting into the City development application process as soon as possible. --- How can you help? 1. Sign this petition to urge City Council to refer the new Chinatown zoning policies to public hearing. 2. Share it with you friends and family to sign. The more people, the more pressure. We need to outnumber the "Chinatown Voices" group. 3. Subscribe to the #SaveChinatownYVR mailing list to keep updated on the next steps of this campaign: http://www.savechinatownheritage.org/join-mailing-list We can do this!
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  • Loblaws: Pay your workers a living wage
    Loblaw Companies Ltd owns hundreds of grocery stores across the country: their stores include Loblaws Market, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws Market, Joe Fresh and more. Last year Loblaws enjoyed $11 Billion in revenue and gave $19 Million to their shareholders in the last quarter alone. [1] In 2016 CEO Galen Weston took home $7.5 Million. [2] It takes Galen Weston just one day to earn the annual salary of a starting cashier at one if his stores, while the the people who work for Loblaws are struggling to make ends meet making minimum wage, and are often only given part time work. [3] Vancity Investment Management Ltd. submitted a shareholder proposal at Loblaw’s annual general meeting of shareholders on Thursday asking them to review the feasibility, cost and benefits of implementing a living wage policy for their employees -- but CEO Galen Weston and Loblaw’s board of directors told shareholders to vote against it and the proposal was rejected. [4] Loblaws touts their high level of social responsibility with their President's Choice Children's Charity that gives "support to children with disabilities [and ensures] hungry tummies are filled with nutritious food" but their own employees' children are suffering. [5] Loblaws should be a leader. Canadians should not stand for this and protest with their dollars until they turn their greedy ship around. Sign the petition now if you think Loblaws should pay the people who work for them a living wage. Sources: [1]https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/loblaw-reports-2017-fourth-quarter-and-fiscal-year-ended-december-30-2017-results1-674813803.html [2]https://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/National%20Office/2018/01/Climbing%20Up%20and%20Kicking%20Down.pdf) [3]https://ca.indeed.com/cmp/Loblaw/jobs/Cashier-59274c43308a7674?vjs=3 [4]https://www.thestar.com/business/2018/05/03/loblaw-shareholders-reject-proposal-on-living-wage-for-employees.html [5] http://www.presidentschoice.ca/en_CA/community/pccc/do-it-all-again.html
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  • Ontario: provide funding to rebuild the municipality of Leamington
    Leamington was just hit by the worst storm in decades. Unprecedented flooding swept away roads, 14-foot-high waves knocked over trees, gutted homes and caused record damage. [1] Our community is reeling. Residents are facing tens of thousands of dollars in property damage and the city will need to fix its infrastructure. We need financial support from the provincial government to rebuild, prevent future destruction and keep us safe from fallout when the next storm hits. The mayor of Leamington is already asking for funding from Ontario, but a huge petition teeming with signatures backing him up could push decision makers over the edge and get them to provide funding. Especially now in this election cycle, when the Liberals are more susceptible to public pressure. All signs are pointing to more and more extreme weather systems, and Leamington needs to ready. Add your name to demand the provincial government provide funding to the municipality of Leamington as well as the residents affected by the storm to fix and prevent damage to our roads, homes and public spaces, and keep us safe, before another storm hits. Source: [1] http://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/leamington-residents-clean-up-after-extensive-flood-damage
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    Created by Rachel Nelems
  • Humber: Don't expel students for needing a payment plan
    Humber College rejected my proposal to use a payment plan to allow me to pay for my tuition in monthly installments, instead of in a one lump sum. This is because of a rule they have just put in place which allows them to expel anyone who can’t pay outright. In 2017, Humber posted a net revenue of $23 million. [1] They can afford to allow students struggling financially, in an economy set up for them to fail, to use a payment plan to finish their accreditation. The semester ends this month. We need to seize this moment while students are still in school to add pressure to the college to reverse this unfair rule. Will you add your name to demand Humber reverse unfair rules allowing them to expel students who need payment extensions? College is a place where people go to make their lives better, so they can compete in an ever-more demanding workforce. But rising costs of living and tuition are squeezing students out. Humber is a leading Canadian college, and they should be setting an example by helping to solve these problems, not making them worse. They have more than enough money to support students who need it. Will you add your name now so we can turn up the heat to reverse these unfair rules before the semester ends this month? Source: [1] https://humber.ca/about-humber/corporate-info/publications/files/humber-annual-report-16-17.pdf
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  • Save the Cobalt
    It is a cultural icon of this city that is being destroyed by rampant gentrification and the lack of any will by the city to stop it.
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    Created by Alex Jastrzembska
  • 100% Social Housing at 58 West Hastings Now!
    Downtown Eastside residents have struggled for over a decade to get the site at 58 W. Hastings for social housing for low-income community members. Led by Indigenous women community organizers, residents and supporters have marched through the streets, organized two tent cities including the 2010 Olympic tent city and 2016 tent city, guided tours with BC's new NDP Minister of Housing and Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, held countless public meetings, demonstrations, and more. About 1,200 homeless people and 3,000 SRO residents live in the Downtown Eastside with no decent housing available for them at rents they can afford. Homeless people have about half the life expectancy of other people in society. Indigenous people, women and children fleeing violence, and other marginalized communities are more likely to experience homelessness. SRO living, where residents share washrooms with everyone on their floor, is not adequate: residents do not have private kitchens, have numerous rodents and bugs, and are often subject to abusive management. SRO residents and homeless people need decent, dignified social housing they can afford. Yet the Mayor and City of Vancouver are planning to reduce the amount of social housing from the promise 100% down to 30%. The plan to build over 200 units of housing in the DTES, with only 70 of them planned to be at welfare/pension rate, is a waste of good housing and further contributes to the gentrification of the DTES. A “social mix” building which includes expensive rentals will exacerbate market pressures on the neighbourhood, create higher rents for SRO residents, and generate the displacement of even more low income people from the DTES. On August 2, 2016, Mayor Gregor Robertson signed a commitment to build 100% welfare and pension rate, community-controlled social housing at 58 W Hastings. Since then, the city has reneged on its promise. Instead of a project that would provide over 300 units to low-income people, the city is moving along with a project that could provide as few as 70 units at a time with record high homelessness. Read more about the Our Homes Can’t Wait Coalition and our community vision for housing on 58 W Hastings here: www.carnegieaction.org/ourhomescantwait/
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  • Save Fish Lake
    In a shocking move, on the eve of the transfer of power, while four of six Tsilhqot’in communities are evacuated due to raging wildfires, and while the communities have engaged in brave efforts to fight for their very survival, the Clark led British Columbian government has granted controversial drilling permits over the objections of the Tsilhqot’in. The Nation is outraged that the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines has issued permits to allow Taseko Mines Ltd. to conduct extensive pre-construction exploration for the New Prosperity mine proposal. This mine cannot be built. It was rejected twice by the Harper-era Federal Government in 2010 (Prosperity) and 2014 (New Prosperity) due to strong opposition by the Tsilhqot’in Nation and unacceptable environmental and cultural impacts. Chief Russell Myers Ross- “I am speechless at the timing of this insulting decision. It defies compassion that while our people are fighting for our homes and lives, BC issues permits that will destroy more of our land beyond repair. As a Nation, we have wasted enough time and energy in conflict. The project has been rejected twice federally. It is time to move on. As Tsilhqot'in, we are moving forward by establishing the Dasiqox Tribal Park based on our governance and values. The Provincial decision to permit further drilling is insulting. It demonstrates a serious attack on meaningful reconciliation. It is our responsibility to protect Nabas for our future generations.” Chief Joe Alphonse- "This is a typical move by the Liberal government. They are a dead political party trying to mount a dead horse and hoping to ride it to a come back." To learn more watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwjCeWF4rfM
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  • Stop Woodfibre LNG
    Howe Sound is magical. Visitors and locals alike are drawn here by its wild natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and the vibrant communities we call home. However, Howe Sound is under threat from Woodfibre LNG, which proposes to construct and operate a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility on the previous Woodfibre Pulp and Paper Mill site located approximately 7 km west-southwest of Squamish. Why is Woodfibre LNG a problem? The project is owned by Sukanto Tanoto, an Indonesian billionaire that has been found guilty of tax evasion and human rights violations. LNG tanker traffic puts Howe Sound residents, Vancouver residents, and Victoria residents at risk, and the potential conflict between recreational sailors and LNG tankers has not been adequately addressed. Increased local air pollution will affect human health, particularly the elderly and kids with asthma. Underwater noise and light pollution will affect salmon migration routes, herring, and marine mammals. Locally, Woodfibre LNG will create nearly double the greenhouse gas emissions of all of Squamish. Woodfibre LNG's local and upstream greenhouse gas emissions are equivalent to adding 170,000 cars to the road. If Woodfibre LNG goes ahead, it will result in 24 new fracking wells per year in northeast B.C. My Sea to Sky is aiming to double the number of signatures we have on the Howe Sound Declaration by March 31st, so we can make Woodfibre LNG a provincial election issue. Please sign the Howe Sound Declaration now and ask your friends and family to sign too.
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