• Save the Vancouver Island Corridor with a continuous multi-use trail
    The Island Corridor is an irreplaceable public asset. Unless a continuous transportation use is found for it, it could be broken up. Many people thought rail service was needed to keep the corridor intact but all over the world unused rail corridors like this one are being saved for public use by converting them to highly successful active transportation routes as multi use trails. Now that rail service has stopped on the Island Corridor for 11 years for safety reasons there is an opportunity to do a rail trail here as a safe local alternative transportation option and a world class low impact tourism attraction. Let's make it happen!
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    Created by Alastair Craighead
  • Lobby the federal government to mobilize Canada for the climate emergency
    We are in deeply uncertain times. Climate change disasters, including forest fires, flooding and drought, are touching the lives of virtually everyone. Canadians can ensure the federal government acts as though climate change is an existential threat, by using its constitutional powers to take charge. A new world cannot be born while the needed changes to our cultural and economic systems seem politically impossible. Quoting from Klein's A Good War: "Most of us know the battle for our lives must soon get underway, and most of our leaders are now talking tough on climate. But we're not quite sure how to begin in earnest." The time has come for those of us who are aware of the risks to study this book, raise awareness, and lobby the government on its duty to act, no matter the cost. As CD Howe, who established 28 Crown corporations and did detailed economic planning to ensure WWII production was where it needed to be, famously said, “If we lose the war, nothing will matter.” It's even more true now: nothing will matter if we don't beat climate change and biodiversity loss.
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    Created by Edelweiss D'Andrea
  • Ask our politicians to stop fossil fuel subsidies
    We need to recapture our politicians from the undue influence of fossil fuel companies who are even helping to write our government’s climate policies. Recently, for example, the government of Alberta granted 4.3 billion to fossil fuel companies at a time when people are unable to find a family doctor in this province, and at a time when at least two large companies stream-lined their operations by laying off workers. Meanwhile forest fires raged out of control all across the country, affecting peoples lives in several negative ways.
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    Created by Mildred Thill
  • Invest in Ontarians
    The Ford government is sitting on $22.6 billion of so-called “excess funds” – money stashed away from the public purse that they have no plan to spend any time soon. Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy claims the FAO’s report doesn’t reflect new government spending. [1] But if the province’s growing budget surpluses haven’t been allocated to any public programs, where is this money going? There are so many ways that $22.6 billion could make a difference. Ford and Bethlenfalvy could use it to: fund our public health care system, build more housing, increase disability support funding, support public transit infrastructure, or invest in our education system. And that's just to name a few. A massive petition from thousands of us across the province – demanding that Finance Minister Bethlenfalvy and Premier Ford stop stashing away billions of dollars and instead invest in public services for Ontarians – can ensure these “excess funds” are put to good use. Will you add your name today? [1] https://globalnews.ca/news/9762549/ontario-government-22-billion-excess-funds-fao/
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  • Studying GLBI Scenarios changes Generations
    Many aspects of GLBI are not known, such as no example has been given about the Disability portion, and how the non-income tested portion will work. We're asking you Leah, to be detailed and precise for the PBO, all 3 scenarios include much higher earners with higher benefits for those with lower incomes as well, and because Canada deserves correct answers before it becomes a campaign promise again.
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    Created by Joseph Vander Meer
  • End the strikes - pay PSAC workers fairly
    155,000 government workers — including CRA workers, cooks and cleaners, Coast Guard search and rescue teams, and passport and immigration staff — are at breaking point, and are now striking in what could be the biggest strike in Canadian history. [1-2] Public service workers are critical to our everyday lives — they provide countless services for people from coast to coast. And like all workers, they deserve to be treated fairly. For years they have been at the bargaining table fighting for better conditions, job security and fair wages that keep up with inflation. [3] The strike is all over the news, and already the government is trying to pit the public against federal workers, blaming those going on strike for asking for too much. We need to show the government we aren’t buying it: that we expect them to come to the table and give workers a fair deal with the wages and working conditions they deserve. A rising tide lifts all boats — the fight for fair wages is everyone’s fight. If you agree, will you add your name to the solidarity statement now. Sources: [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/psac-strike-bargaining-update-april-17-live-1.6812693?cmp=newsletter_CBC%20News%20Morning%20Brief_8816_967874 [2] https://psacunion.ca/strike-deadline-announced-155000-psac-members [3] see 2
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  • Petition Toronto City Council to Lower Prices
    We are a group of community members in Toronto’s west end who are feeling the effects of high inflation and soaring cost of living. High prices are making it difficult for working people to pay for housing, food and fuel. We are worried about the impact this is having on people throughout our community, and we are organizing to do something about it! We want to see action from all levels of government – municipal, provincial and federal– to roll back and control prices for basic necessities. These include rent and mortgage payments, gasoline and heating fuel, groceries and transit fares. Governments in Canada have used price controls on several occasions, to help maintain an affordable cost of living for working people. They need to do it again now! We are committed to fighting for our community through petition campaigns, meetings with local politicians, networking with like-minded community groups, public events and more. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to win lower prices! If you’re interested in fighting for an affordable cost of living, please connect with People for Lower Prices at [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/peopleforlowerprices/
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  • Reduce Canadian oil production as we move toward net zero
    Canada cannot continue to produce more oil as the world moves toward net zero. Unfortunately, the oil industry is actively lobbying for more production. This will lead to a collapse of the oil industry, leaving the taxpayers to clean the pollution they created. Please sign the petition at: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-4225
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    Created by Gilles Fecteau
  • The Canadian Clean Energy Corridor: Electric Federalism
    Over 80% of the GHGs driving dangerous climate change are caused by the burning of fossil fuels. We need to replace fossil fuels with clean energy. Electrification is the best option to replace fossil energy. We need to expand our grid capacity and remove barriers to clean renewable generation. Without expanded interprovincial electricity transmission, provinces like Saskatchewan will not develop its world class solar and wind resources. The federal government can remove the barriers to clean energy by strengthening interprovincial transmissions by building the Clean Energy Corridor from coast to coast. This is a national project akin to building the railroad: Electric Federalism provides the path to a Net-Zero future!
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    Created by Glenn Wright
  • Canadians have waited long enough. It’s time to agree on a health care funding deal.
    We all – the desperate patients, the burned out nurses, the struggling doctors, the other healthcare workers, researchers, and administrators, even the politicians and, certainly, the voters – know that a remedy is urgently needed for the crisis in the health care system. Dangerously overstretched nurses, doctors, and paramedics, closed Emergency Rooms, the chronic shortage of family doctors, the migration of burned out medical professionals – especially nurses – to the private sector or to retirement, the failure to collect and transparently share data that reports resource levels and medical outcomes to allow Canadians to assure themselves that the system is working. These are just some of the issues that need attention and support. Canadians have long believed that healthcare is a right and are baffled that this situation has been allowed to develop. It is more than time that our elected leaders fulfill their responsibilities and solve the health care funding impasse.
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    Created by Susanne Lloyd
  • End ODSPoverty. Double ODSP
    We all deserve to lead happy fulfilling lives and none of us should have to worry about our most basic needs. Canada is a very rich country, yet some of our most vulnerable citizens cannot afford some of the most basic necessities of life. A large number of people on ODSP cannot afford to regularly eat and have to make devastating choices each month like whether to pay rent/utilities or to buy groceries. A shocking number of people on ODSP are homeless. We could choose to take care of the most vulnerable now and it should be an easy choice. Recipients of CERB got $2000 a month. Odsp should be at least equal to what CERB was. Let's not sweep this issue under the rug any longer. It's an atrocity that Canadian prisoners are better looked after than those with disabilities. Let's take action today and raise ODSP recipients out of poverty.
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    Created by David Berry
  • Make internet affordable for all living with disabilities in Ontario
    This issue was brought to my attention when learning that my Uncle Ken, who is living off of ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) due to his chronic disability of Multiple Sclerosis, cannot access affordable internet. Unfortunately, there is a significant lack of affordable internet options for those on ODSP or other similar provincial support programs across Canada.  For those who are already at a disadvantage, not being able to afford the internet leaves them more isolated and exacerbates their vulnerability. To access virtual programs and services in the community, internet service is required. The people who need these services the most are the ones who cannot afford to participate. The safety and well-being of recipients and their families rests on their ability to access information, connect with loved ones, attend support programs virtually, as well as attend medical and other necessary appointments. There are peer support, social programs and counseling services currently offered virtually and these are a lifeline to those who live alone and suffer a disability. As the pandemic has shown us, access to the internet is essential and a human right. At a time when MAID is free but the cost of living is so high, equitable access to services is essential if we are to value the lives of our most vulnerable.
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    Created by Katharine dos Santos