• A Petition to the House of Commons to Debate on Money Creation and Debt
    Money creation affects almost every aspect of our lives and is directly connected to almost all public policy, including public and private debt levels, house prices, and rising inequality, but it’s very poorly understood. Currently 97% of our money supply is created by Private Banks through debt. This raises questions of parliament abdicating it's constitutional responsibilities. The government, through the Bank of Canada can request low interest loans for human capital and public infrastructure in order to monetize deficits, we instead borrow from private banks, increasing our national debt and further allowing private industry to hold influence over public policy. This was the very reason, we created, then nationalized our Bank of Canada. It is no longer enough to control the money supply through interest rates alone. It does not begin to address the corruption that comes from allowing private financial institutions the power to create the majority of a countries money supply. “Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes that nation's laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.” William Lyon Mackenzie King - 10th Prime Minister of Canada When we allow private bank to create money out of nothing as interest bearing debt, then let them decide how this money is spent, we end up with a society that reflects the priorities of the banks. We ask that money creation, debt and society be put back on the agenda in the house of commons, and be given a real debate.
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    Created by Christopher Lambe
  • Save our Schools!
    Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Provincial Government have recently given a list of directives to the Toronto District School Board. You can see the full list here: http://goo.gl/EPD7gL. School Board Trustees have been given until February 13th to act on these directives or risk the Government taking over. The Government has asked the Board to provide a list of over a hundred of our community schools that the government has deemed to be “under-utilized”, and a three-year plan to deal with them. You can see the full list of schools here: http://goo.gl/psV3tH Unfortunately, the Government’s list of “under-utilized” schools does not take into account the value that community schools bring to a neighbourhood. By not considering the use of schools for other community programs like children’s programming or Adult ESL when measuring utility, the Provincial Government is not looking at the full picture. Schools should be community hubs in our neighbourhoods. In practice, many of our neighbourhood schools are ‘hubs’– schools with daycares, swim lessons, programs for children with special needs and afterschool programming for children and adults. Schools are important public spaces, and valuable beyond just the use of teaching classrooms. The decision to sell schools cannot be made lightly because when we sell schools, we never get that public space back. The Premier herself has mandated that the Ministry of Education look at schools as ‘community hubs’, but is now talking about closing schools that epitomize that model. The School Board has a ten-year plan to study school utilization and consider changes to boundaries, partnerships with community partners and other school boards, before deciding to close a school. The Province wants to speed up that plan, closing the schools within 3 years. Together, we need to make sure that Premier Wynne and her government are looking at the full picture: recognizing the immediate and future needs of growing Toronto communities, and the necessity to use schools as vital community hubs to provide childcare and programs for youth, families and senior citizens. Make your voice heard! Sign the petition calling on Premier Wynne to consider the many uses of public schools, and save our community schools!
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    Created by Ben Rossiter and Stephanie Hobbs
  • Faites de Montréal une ville équitable! || Make Montreal a Fairtrade Town!
    Un nombre grandissant de citoyennes, de citoyens et de commerçants locaux sont préoccupés par les conséquences sociales et environnementales de leurs choix de consommation. S’approvisionner en produits certifiés équitables est un moyen simple et efficace de faire des achats responsables. ++ A growing number of citizens, organisations and local businesses are concerned about the social and environmental impact of their consumption choices. A simple and effective way to implement responsible purchasing is to source fair trade certified products.
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    Created by Aleksandra Nasteska
  • Don't let new condos flatten the Brickhouse!
    Vancouver is drowning in an ocean of copy-and-paste corporate chain bars. The Brickhouse is a great independent bar, but now it could be demolished to make way for a new condo development in Chinatown. The Creekside Student Residence and Jimi Hendrix shrine could be taken out with it. Please sign now to call for Vancouver's mayor and council to stop the demolition of the Brickhouse and start a real consultation a real consultation with the Chinatown community to ensure that new developments don't threaten to strip the character of the community and drive more people out of the market. Sources: 1. The heritage battle for Chinatown http://www.vancouversun.com/touch/story.html?id=10384991 2. The Brickhouse might be demolished http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/story.html?id=10384999 Photo by Edward L.
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    Created by Jamie Biggar
  • We NEED to see strong ACTION against MONEY LAUNDERING
    Money laundering and all other ways corrupt money is coming from certain known countries leaves a negative impact on our local businesses, affordability of life and real state conditions. For example, in Iran's case, the people that are bringing this mentioned corrupt money, generally have good relations with the corrupt and amoral Iranian government and terrorist militia (SEPAH PASDARAN). These people and their unprincipled actions influence the governing bodies and even terrorist activities. Our Canadian government needs to take corrective measures and effective action against his behavior. Check out this news article for more detail. https://globalnews.ca/news/7593255/ottawa-must-crack-down-on-toronto-underground-banks-community-leaders-say/
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    Created by farshid zakeri
  • Make Protection from COVID-19 a Right, Not A Privilege
    Right now in Canada, the ability to follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines without serious negative impacts to one’s livelihood is a luxury that is unavailable to significant portions of the Canadian population. In particular, it is largely limited to those whose occupations and existing financial security enable them to work from home, and whose living arrangements do not put them at significant risk for virus transmission. Disproportionately, the Canadians who enjoy this fortuitous situation are the traditional beneficiaries of white privilege, who, not coincidentally, are those whose lived experiences bears the closest resemblance to that of Canada’s political elite. For instance, while restaurants are presently required by law to implement social distancing measures and hygiene protocols for the protection of their guests, they are not obligated to provide improved working conditions for their staff.[1] Meanwhile, the Canadians who have suffered the worst repercussions, both from COVID-19 itself and from the public health regulations instituted in response to the virus, are those who must choose between social distancing and having a source of income and/or live in crowded housing. Disproportionately, the people in these circumstances live in racialized communities in major urban centres. It should not surprise us that the privileged experience enjoyed by our public officials instills them with an intellectual laziness that prevents them from using scientific evidence about the social and environmental determinants of health as the basis for crafting their policies.[2] The government of the State of Vermont has implemented a set of policy measures that make adherence to social distancing guidelines feasible for all Vermont residents. Some of these measures include free pop-up testing sites in vulnerable communities, meal delivery, hazard pay, and state-supported housing for homeless Vermonters. Additionally, Vermont Governor Phil Scott has proposed the distribution of $1000 stipends to Vermonters required to self-isolate. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US government’s leading infectious diseases expert, has endorsed this approach as “a model for the country.”[3] This approach might serve as a template for Canada as well, and, if implemented in conjunction with a massive ramp-up of vaccination efforts, might be sufficient to crush the pandemic in Canada within a matter of a few months. Such an effort could be funded through a combination of voluntary donations from the Canadian public in general – as well as large tax hikes directed at Canada’s richest 10%, whose lifestyles and business activities exacerbate racism and economic inequality, and promote the spread of zoonotic pathogens to human populations. Sources: [1] Source, https://theconversation.com/the-politics-of-covid-19-results-in-pandemic-winners-and-losers-150604 [2] Source, https://www.vox.com/2020/11/19/21541810/vermont-covid-19-coronavirus-social-distancing [3] Source, https://www.vox.com/2020/11/19/21541810/vermont-covid-19-coronavirus-social-distancing [4] Source, https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2020/03/11/the-public-lab-that-could-have-helped-fight-covid-19-pandemic.html?rf
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    Created by Justin Singer
  • 20.00 minimum wage all essential workers
    growing inequality is destructive to the health and well-being of all
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    Created by Juanne Clarke
    Many people including public health experts, healthcare workers on the front line, workers who have worked non-stop throughout this entire pandemic, labour organizations, and more have been calling on paid sick leave since the start of the pandemic (and before), but it is not yet widely spread that a bill was put forward to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in early December 2020 to legislate paid sick leave. This bill, Bill 239, was put forward by MPP Peggy Sattler, and went through a first reading on December 8, 2020. The bill needs attention to ensure Ontario mandates paid sick leave for all workers. We cannot miss this opportunity to ensure this passes. The bill has to go through more readings by other Ontario MPPs, committee members, and be discussed before being moved forward into legislation (or failing). The public can provide further input in this process, like how the bill should be altered in any way to make it more protective of any person in Ontario providing any sort of labour to an employer in Ontario, including undocumented and temporary workers. You can email or call your local MPP and provide them with any important changes they should discuss in the process, and urge them to ensure that paid sick leave is passed into legislation. Paid sick leave should be mandatory, and in 2018 Premier Doug Ford removed the few protections that existed. This moment is of course especially urgent given the ongoing and escalating COVID-19 situation as we go into the end of the year and a provincial "lockdown". Numerous outbreaks are taking place at workplaces such as warehouses, and many of them are not included in the lockdown. Many nurses, physicians, and other healthcare workers are continually exposed to COVID-19, and are working between hospitals and Long-Term Care homes, are under-staffed and over-worked, and need to be ensured that they will have paid sick leave for their own protection, patients' protection, their loved ones, and for everyone else. This also applies for people working in grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, and all other labour and services that have just been symbolically applauded but absolutely not sufficiently compensated or protected. These government failures are allowing for growing hazardous working environments, and the failure to reinstate mandatory sick days already negates the purpose of a coherent public health response. People need to be able to stay home for their health, the health of others, and should not have to choose between income and health. The Ontario Financial Accountability Officer also confirmed this month that the Ontario government has $12 billion in contingency funds for COVID-19 spending. Paid sick leave is completely feasible by large employers, and can be supported by the government for small businesses. Paid sick leave is one of many steps that are necessary to respond to this pandemic, alongside an eviction ban, emergency income support, hospital surge funding, expanded testing and vaccination capacity, and more. https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-42/session-1/bill-239 https://www.peggysattler.ca/paidsickdays
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    Created by Rohini Patel
  • Low Income Canadians Dinged by CERB need justice NOW!
    This is an INJUSTICE that affects the poorest of Canadians. While large corporations, including privately funded nursing homes where vulnerable Canadians have died, are being bailed out by your government the lowest income Canadians are being penalized and put in financial jeopardy - at no fault of their own. Please DO THE RIGHT THING, and correct this injustice. Ensure that the eligibility criteria for CERB is immediately clarified/corrected (for Revenue Canada and Service Canada) to be $5,000 income PERIOD -which means gross - just like advertised!
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    Created by CJ Mellett
  • BC's Economic Future
    After participating in a Narwhal (non-profit investigative journalism) online presentation, like hundreds of others, regarding Site C Dam, I have never heard of such engineering and economic illiteracy in my entire career. The predatory practices of SNC-Lavalin alone raises a red flag. In spite of the economic damage caused by the pandemic, decisions like Site C Dam will exacerbate the economy of Province of British Columbia for generations. The very first requirement for competing on the Global Stage is low-cost energy and associated infrastructure. Otherwise, there is no long-term job creation. Site C Dam is short-term construction jobs and long-term economic debt obligations, in a dying economy. Off-shore or out-of-province project workers don't even offer training for BC tradesman, let alone opportunities for First Nations' people. I won't even get into the environmental damage and the wide spectrum of remediation costs associated with such a callous and uninformed decision.
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    Created by Ron Bruce
  • Seniors minimum income
    The cost to of living far exceeds the payout, especially with rent and groceries.
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    Created by Alyce Thompson
  • Basic Needs Guarantee!
    To maintain a sustainable life style for everybody! Wes PhD
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    Created by Wesley Fung