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To: BC Premier John Horgan, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rob Fleming

Allow mobility devices to use bike lanes

We the undersigned request that you:

1. allow users of electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters and other motorized mobility aids to use All Ages and Abilities bike lanes and other safe, separated on-road cycling facilities;

2. increase municipal funding for such facilities, as well as for wider sidewalks, prioritizing areas with high usage rates; and,

3. consult with disability organizations about how to further facilitate equitable access to publicly-owned transportation infrastructure.

Why is this important?

Not all disabled people can operate a car, or afford to own one. And sidewalks are often too narrow, and/or uneven for mobility aids.

The climate emergency requires that we give everyone the opportunity to travel using low-carbon modes of transportation.

Bike lanes host many types of users, who move at different speeds - including some with disabilities. Many cycling advocates and other organizations support access to cycling facilities by people using electric mobility aids.


2023-11-01 17:03:50 -0400

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