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To: Premier Doug Ford; Education Minister Stephen Lecce

Stop blocking $10/day child care for Ontario’s kids

Agree a deal with the federal government for $10/day child care in Ontario.

Why is this important?

Conservative Alberta Premier Jason Kenney just inked a deal with the Federal Government for $10/day child care. [1]

Ontario could also have more affordable child care if they work with the Federal Government — but surprise, surprise: Premier Doug Ford is a blocker. [2]

Since Premier Kenney and Prime Minister Trudeau jointly announced an affordable child care plan for Alberta on Monday, the spotlight has been on Doug Ford. Parents are questioning why Ford’s holding out when Ontario has among the highest child care costs in Canada. [3]

Eight provinces and one territory have already penned a deal for $10/day child care. Doug Ford’s case for not signing on is getting weaker by the day. [4,5] So let’s build a huge people-powered petition now, while the spotlight is still on him, to drive home the message: Ontarians want him to stop blocking $10/day childcare. Add your name now.

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[4] See [1]
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