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To: Toronto Mayor John Tory, Ontario Transport Minister Caroline Mulroney, Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra

Save the TTC

Step in with emergency funding to hire more operators and stop the cuts to public transit.

Why is this important?

Safe, accessible public transit is the backbone that keeps a big city like Toronto moving. It’s an essential part of our lives — enabling people who live and visit here to efficiently commute from home to work, to a doctor's appointment, or to pick up food at the grocery store

Thousands of people rely on public transit every day in Toronto, especially those who are struggling the most to make ends meet and don’t have access to a car or taxi. But right now, the TTC is planning to slash services as soon as this month. [1]

Imagine you’re a frontline worker. You rely on transit every day to get to work. Your daily commute usually takes you 30 minutes but lately it’s been taking you up to an hour to get to work. You have to wait in the freezing cold at a bus stop every day, because TTC services are being cut. This could be the reality for many of us if TTC service cuts go ahead. [2]

A huge wave of public pressure could force the city, provincial and federal government to save the TTC — but only if we all speak out.

Sign the petition now to stop the cuts and save the TTC.



Ontario, Canada

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