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To: Doug Ford

Doug Ford: Resign For Gross Negligence In A Pandemic

Doug Ford: Resign For Gross Negligence In A Pandemic

Resign immediately.

Why is this important?

In early November, Doug Ford introduced new guidelines for COVID restrictions. He claimed to have consulted public health professionals in devising the guidelines.

However, the guidelines had thresholds for activation that were *four times higher* than public health doctors had actually called for.

In other words: Ford lied, and put all our lives at risk.

This latest outrage is the last straw. From the beginning, Ford has mismanaged the pandemic. He's given mixed messages that insist we must keep businesses open yet scolds people for visiting those businesses. He's refused to offer supports for small businesses or employees, passing the buck to the federal government. He's refused to address the crisis in long term care, instead passing the buck to local public health agencies. His "COVID relief bill" does things like interfering in local democracy, and he's rescinded paid sick leave guarantees passed by a previous government. He refused to adequately support schools or to close them when they proved to be vectors for transmission.

The result? Under Doug Ford's watch, cases have reached record numbers and every day more people die.

This is a crisis of negligence and incompetence and it cannot be tolerated any longer. It's time for Doug Ford to resign.


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