• Ban all temp agencies and their labour exploitation
    Work in Canada is precarious and extremely unstable, particularly for young people. The rise and prominence of employment agencies in the 21st century has played a major role in this precariousness and degradation of work, wages and benefits. Temp agencies profit from the labour of workers by being unnecessary middlemen. Temp agencies are far too prominent in the labour market and were not needed in the past, and are not needed now or in the future. Employers need to hire workers directly and allow employees the full benefits and wages for their labour.
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    Created by R Pereira
  • Change the way WSIB treats injuries Workers
    If you ask any injuried worker in Ontario you will rarely find any positive experience when dealing with the body that is seemingly I acted to protect the rights of any and all injuried worker. Accounts of extreme such as suicide after a claiment is unable to return to work which is threaten with the heartless decision to "cut off" despite the injury is life long or life threatening. This is an institution that is essential to protecting our sons' and daughters', the family bread winner who has the responsibility to house, feed and cloth their children, yet it's an institution that has enclosed a wall of protectionism that has left many injuried workers out in the cold
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    Created by Jim Rollo
  • Referendum on the Senate
    There is no place in a Democracy for non-elected rule. We rightly protest all countries where Democracies don’t have the final say over enacting laws and governance. How is our Senate any different? To be a model Democracy and Country we must be able to prove the people are capable of choosing who speaks for them.
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    Created by William Guest
  • Labelling on food products that contain GMO's
    GMO's have caused poor and even nehative health impacts in some lab animals. Not enough is known about the real effects on human health. People should be able to make that decision for themselves.
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    Created by Marc Boulerice
  • Ban the Grizzly Hunt
    It's time to put an end to this barbaric and destructive so-called sport. It's time to stop killing these majestic wild creatures for blood-lust recreation. A very large majority of Canadians do not agree with killing of Grizzly Bears for amusement and would be happy to see this horrible wasteful killing activity ended. It is only a lobby by wealthy visiting hunters who keep this very unpopular "sport" legal. Listen to the Canadian People. They want Grizzly hunting to end. Now.
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    Created by byron moore
  • Give People with Sleep Apnea the right to breathe for FREE(A basic human right!)
    This is important because it affects everyone.Costs to the healthcare system alone and the amount of reported illnesses caused from lack of treatment,awareness and the right to breathe properly are staggering!Some of the results are sudden death,increased blood pressure and cholesterol,people falling asleep while driving,working etc.This is an issue that has plagued our health care system for years and no government has done anything about it!
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    Created by Leila Keith
  • Modern pharmacare for a rejuvenated healthcare system
    Too many people in their old age are suffering, or unable to manage the expenses for prescription medications. If they want medication covered they must go on ODSP, but then they cant work, but although they are old, they must keep working because they are unable to retire, as its not financially viable for them. Many seniors as well as younger people these days are taking medications long term and unable to get the coverage for it. Having ODSP is no a viable option for those who must work to pay bills, mortgages etc.It doesnt make sense that we have health care, but the most important part of this, the medication is not included and its costs are through the roof Thanks
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    Created by Dimitri F
  • Voice for Segundina
    It is important for mother`s family to get closure. It is important for the public to know this sort of thing is happening. This week the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.ran this story: ``Medical errors are underestimated and could be the third leading cause of death in the U.S., say doctors calling for more transparency internationally. Death certificates in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. rely on a mortality coding system — the International Classification of Disease code, or ICD — that doesn't capture fatal consequences due to failures in health care. The ICD is used in medical record-keeping in 117 countries, including Canada. Estimates of how often people die not from a disease but from the care they received is based on limited and outdated methods,`` A medical error is one thing. Inducing untimely death to cover for that error is another. The truth must come out. This petition is Segundina`s voice.
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    Created by Siegfredo Bercasio
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    Created by Jolan Bailey
  • Kpmg wining and dining CRA accountants,
    Taxes provide for important services, like Health, Education, Social Services, and providing an equal footing for First Nations communities as well as the enviroment. Please support this Petition.
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    Created by Eric Boese
  • The leadership of the Canada Revenue Agency has to go.
    News just broke that while KPMG was under investigation by the Canada Revenue Agency, their accountants were wining and dining CRA tax enforcers at a swanky Ottawa club that serves over-the-top delicacies like scallop ceviche and duck crostini. [1] This shocking news comes on the heels of reports that the CRA made a backroom deal to let super-rich KPMG clients involved in their tax dodging scheme off the scott free. [2] This scandal occurred under the leadership of Canada Revenue Agency Commissioner and CEO Andrew Treusch, a Harper-era appointee, and people are asking questions about how much he knew. But whether he was in on the scam, or just so out of touch that it could happen without his knowledge, one thing is clear: if Canada is going to crack down on tax dodging, we need new leadership at the CRA. [3] [1] CRA execs treated to soiree at private club amid KPMG probe (CBC News) http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kpmg-canada-revenue-agency-receptions-conferences-1.3540285 [2] Canada Revenue offered amnesty to wealthy KPMG clients in offshore tax ‘sham’ (CBC News) http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada-revenue-kpmg-secret-amnesty-1.3479594 [3] KPMG introduced speech by CRA chief as firm faced offshore tax probe (CBC News) http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kpmg-canada-revenue-agency-andrew-treusch-speech-1.3529023
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    Created by Rodrigo Gutiérrez-Hermelo Picture
  • Fair fuel prices
    Because we need fuel for everyday life. Why allow yourself to be complacent about this any longer? If not let's use our own oil supplies...
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    Created by Brett Johnson