To: Provincial MPP's and Provincial and Federal Ministers of the Environment/Natural Resources

Reach for the Unbleached

I plan to follow the example of a woman from Crofton, British Columbia, who in
response to pollution from Pulp and Paper Mills, started a consumer movement
entitled "Reach for the Unbleached". If citizens, restaurants, government and
businesses were willing to use non-bleached serviettes, toilet paper, paper towel and eventually computer printing paper, the discharge from our Pulp and Paper mills coast to coast would be less toxic. The endocrine disrupters (aka "estrogen imitators") could be eliminated by Catalyst, Kimberley Clark, and all of the huge mills found across Canada. The fish would be healthier, the air downwind would be healthier, and the carbon foot-print of consumers would be reduced.

Why is this important?

Because as David Suzuki has explained to the public, the earth is dying of a thousand cuts. To think globally and then act locally, I plan to warehouse the above non-bleached products and sell it to friends and neighbours at cost. Eventually, the movement will grow, until our whole town of Amherstburg, Ontario knows where to obtain unbleached paper products.

-- Susan Monaghan, Amherstburg, Ontario