• Increase the maximum age for dependents to 22, from 19‏
    It will create the opportunity for those family to reunite in Canada and justice to Canadian family.
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    Created by TAREQ ULLAH
  • Canadian Pensions
    Currently, Canadians pay more into CPP than the average monthly amount for an RRSP, which would later pay out a significant sum. There is no reason this should be the case. The government holds this money in a pension fund, where they could instead allow it to accrue value. The Poverty level has remained unchanged for a significant amount of time that I am aware of, not having heard of it changing in my lifetime. As I recall, it is currently $12000 CDN/year; where the average pension from CPP amounts to not musch more than $6000 CDN/year. Not only is it unrealistic, but it does nothing to reward the hard working Canadians who have spent their lives working and paying taxes, as well as paying into this fund. Instead, they can be expected to use up their savings, and spend the remainder of their days below poverty. I live in a complex where a number of pensioners reside, and some of the pensioners here I have spoken with are living on frozen vegetables and macaroni and cheese. This is unhealthy, lacks reasonable or even decent nutrition, and is common among seniors and pensioners. I work in an industry where I see a number of them fairly often, and in fact work alongside one who cannot afford to retire, and wouldn't know what to do with himself if he did. The pensionable age keeps increasing, and somewhat ironically, has increased beyond the average life expectancy; especially among individuals who work in industry, service jobs, or similar occupations, who tend to have lower than average life expectancies. These people pay the taxes this Country operates on. It may seem a Corporation lends a big sum in taxes, but they also get significant write offs, and much of the taxes they pay are collected from their consumers, and other taxation that eventually trickles down, (generally immediately), to the consumer, or impacts the employees wage caps. One way or another, it always falls on the shoulders of people who need and can claim pensions. Poverty is common in Canada, and it really starts to reflect on value and quality of life before you drop below $30000/year. At this level, you can expect not to pay for a home in your lifetime, and to continuously be paying into vehicles, credit cards, and other lending systems. This is part of the economic system we have, and directly attributed to how it functions. A part of the design. There are plenty of other things I would like to see addressed, but this would be a good start. Next up might be health and dental care, and making that more affordable and available, across Canada.
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    Created by Edward Morley
  • Change the way WSIB treats injuries Workers
    If you ask any injuried worker in Ontario you will rarely find any positive experience when dealing with the body that is seemingly I acted to protect the rights of any and all injuried worker. Accounts of extreme such as suicide after a claiment is unable to return to work which is threaten with the heartless decision to "cut off" despite the injury is life long or life threatening. This is an institution that is essential to protecting our sons' and daughters', the family bread winner who has the responsibility to house, feed and cloth their children, yet it's an institution that has enclosed a wall of protectionism that has left many injuried workers out in the cold
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    Created by Jim Rollo
  • No Short Term Rentals beside my house
    Short Term Rentals (STR's) will bring down my property values, interfere with my right to a peaceful and quiet life that I paid a premium to acquire here. Had I wanted to live next door to a motel I would have chosen so, instead I chose to live in a residential area, not a commercial one. I do not want you to change my zoning nor approved usage of property within that residential zone.
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    Created by Al Pastars
  • Give People with Sleep Apnea the right to breathe for FREE(A basic human right!)
    This is important because it affects everyone.Costs to the healthcare system alone and the amount of reported illnesses caused from lack of treatment,awareness and the right to breathe properly are staggering!Some of the results are sudden death,increased blood pressure and cholesterol,people falling asleep while driving,working etc.This is an issue that has plagued our health care system for years and no government has done anything about it!
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    Created by Leila Keith
  • Modern pharmacare for a rejuvenated healthcare system
    Too many people in their old age are suffering, or unable to manage the expenses for prescription medications. If they want medication covered they must go on ODSP, but then they cant work, but although they are old, they must keep working because they are unable to retire, as its not financially viable for them. Many seniors as well as younger people these days are taking medications long term and unable to get the coverage for it. Having ODSP is no a viable option for those who must work to pay bills, mortgages etc.It doesnt make sense that we have health care, but the most important part of this, the medication is not included and its costs are through the roof Thanks
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    Created by Dimitri F
  • Clean up the mercury that's poisoning Grassy Narrows' water
    Scientists tell us that Grassy Narrows’ river, their lifeblood, can be made safe again. We should seize this momentous opportunity. Get the facts / sign up to get alerts / take action / join the River Run www.freegrassy.net The provincial and federal governments are talking of forging a new relationship with aboriginal peoples. This requires righting outstanding wrongs, something that is an urgent imperative in Grassy Narrows. Ontario and Canada must take decisive action to resolve the ongoing legacy of mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows, and all other outstanding issues. This includes apologizing, cleaning the river, providing state of the art care for mercury survivors, adequate compensation for all who have been impacted, and establishing a Grassy Narrows run environmental health monitoring station. To ensure that this never happens again we must respect Grassy Narrows' decisions for their territory. Never again should harmful decisions be imposed on Grassy Narrows people and the territory that they depend on.
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    Created by FreeGrassy .
  • Safe, timely health care for transgender people
    Right now hundreds of transgender people in BC are on wait lists for gender affirming health care. That's because these services, including timely access to experienced surgeons, are extremely limited and under resourced in BC - and in Canada. A recent arson at a Montreal clinic has shed light on this situation. The clinic is the only location in the country that offers gender affirming lower body surgeries. It will not be fully operational for a lengthy period of time due to damages from the arson. [1] Some progress is being made in BC - the new Trans Care BC program is designed to improve health care options for transgender people. Trans Care BC will be submitting a business case to the Ministry of Health to create a provincial gender affirming surgical program. [2] But this process will take time and right now access to gender affirming care in BC remains very limited and wait lists continue to grow. We, the undersigned, ask that until timely access to gender affirming health care is available in BC and Canada, the Ministry of Health a) increase access to MSP funding for out-of-province and/or out-of-country surgeries beyond the program at the Montreal clinic, and b) expedite plans to create a BC surgical program for trans care. Trans people in BC need access to care now. Please sign and share. Sources: [1] http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/genital-reassignment-clinic-postpones-surgeries-after-fire-1.3571262 [2] http://www.phsa.ca/transgender/Documents/Gender-Affirming%20Surgery.pdf This petition is supported by the Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre
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    Created by Adam Lynes-Ford
  • Support all workers from Fort McMurray fire get back to work.
    Life as they know it is over for many workers in Fort Murray. A few days ago they were working. Today, many have no home, no job, and none of their personal items. Workers in Fort McMurray come from Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia. Some temporary foreign workers have come from as far as the Philippines. Not everyone worked in the oil sands. These are Tim Horton workers, gas station attendants, and caregivers. Right now many of them cannot get Employment Insurance because of stiff rules. The Federal Government needs to relax the EI rules so that workers can get the income they need to get back on their feet. Sign this petition to support ALL worker evacuees from Fort McMurray. Migrant workers have additional restrictions. They come to Canada on a closed work permit. Under immigration laws, they are only allowed to work for one employer, at one location, at one time. But their workplace has likely been destroyed by a fire. Many migrant workers paid agencies over $8,000 to come work in Canada. Many took loans for those fees and are under massive debt. They’ve been sending what little they can save from their minimum wage job to their families back home. Many migrant workers sick parents, or children or siblings that need them to keep sending money. Migrant workers are ready to look for work, to get back on their feet to support their families and continue to build Alberta’s economy. They just need the federal government to fix the rules that are stopping them from doing so. Sign this petition and please share it. This tragedy shows how broken rules are for migrant workers. The federal government is currently reviewing the temporary foreign workers program. Find out more and take action at http://migrantrights.ca/
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    Created by Migrant Rights Network
  • Welcome on Board: Free Transit Passes for Refugees for their First Year
    Thousands of people need to come to Canada for safety from terror and dangerous regimes. The people of the Lower Mainland want to do everything they can to help our new neighbors. It is difficult for Refugees to find jobs, attend schools, and integrate into the community, not to mention the danger of social isolation. To combat these issues, forward thinking cities across Canada, such as Victoria [1], Fredericton [2], and Halifax [3] have made transit free for Refugees for a year once they arrive. Many other cities are considering similar programs. We, the undersigned, ask Translink to offer the same support. Reports from city councils and transit authorities report the cost of the passes is minimal compared to the how much they could help Refugees get established and included in society. When one talks to the community, neighbors, support workers, and refugees emphasizes how much their current lack of transportation is an obstacle to getting settled. It's time to help our new neighbors - please sign and share. [1]http://bctransit.com/victoria/news/article?nid=1403645555016 [2]http://www.capitalfm.ca/local-news/2016/01/11/city-council-agrees-to-offer-transit-passes-to-syrian-refugees [3]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/halifax-refugees-to-get-temp-transit-passes-1.3340148
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    Created by Amy Lubik
  • Reopen processing centres to screen Syrian refugee families
    Processing centres to screen Syrian refugee families are closed. This decision severely curtails options for many families who are desperately looking to resettle to Canada from the huge refugee camps in Jordon Lebanon and Turkey. Many communities are ready to receive these families. They have been through the application process with Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH). They have raised the funds needed. They are waiting to welcome these families with young children who in in great need.
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    Created by Jennie Humbert
  • No business in abuse: halt the Saudi arms deal
    Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights record in the world, and is currently leading a nine-country coalition committing horrific violations against civilians in Yemen’s bloody civil war. The UN has accused Saudi Arabia of crimes against humanity for “widespread and systematic” attacks on civilians, including the relentless bombing of residential neighbourhoods, and treating entire cities as military targets.[2] Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed, and millions more injured or displaced in what rights groups are calling a severe humanitarian crisis causing immense human suffering. [3] Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper brokered this $15 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia, despite widespread calls from civil society to drop it. Already it’s been found that Canadian-made combat vehicles have been used by Saudi Arabia to mobilize troops at its border with Yemen.[4] Like 48% of Canadians, the new Liberal government has stated it does not approve of the $15-billion arms sale to the Saudi government. But the Liberals have also said that they won’t do anything to stop it -- even though it is completely within its power to do so. [5] Canada should be taking a leadership role in the international arena, especially when it comes to respect for human rights and the protection of civilians in war. The Liberals have committed to “a new era” of Canadian foreign policy, but this arms deal falls in direct conflict with that goal. Last week, European lawmakers passed a resolution "to launch an initiative aimed at imposing an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia" over its alleged war crimes in Yemen. We need Trudeau to do the same here in Canada. [6][7] Sources [1] http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/former-liberal-minister-calls-for-ottawa-to-revisit-saudi-arms-deal/article28944925/ [2] http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/un-report-increases-pressure-on-ottawa-to-halt-saudi-arms-deal/article28425329/ & https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2015/09/yemen-the-forgotten-war/ [3] http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/former-liberal-minister-calls-for-ottawa-to-revisit-saudi-arms-deal/article28944925/ [4] http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canada-has-the-ability-to-cancel-saudi-arms-deal-but-wont-despite-human-rights-consequences [5] http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/grenier-saudi-arms-deal-1.3469205 & http://www.cp24.com/news/trudeau-promises-new-era-for-canada-s-top-diplomats-1.2643723 [6] http://thetyee.ca/News/2016/02/25/Saudi-Arms-Sales-Questioned-After-EU-Ban/
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    Created by Amara Possian Picture