• OSAP Changes
    Although we understand that the previous model of OSAP may have been unsustainable in terms of funding, we ask that you consider some changes to the new model released, specifically Under the calculator currently on your website, low income students are receiving almost half of what they would have received in the previous model. These are families who need this funding in order to make post-secondary education a reality for them. Making even the smallest increases to these values can make their lives easier. Education is a fundamental human right, and individuals should not be denied it based on their income. For new graduates, any grace period means the opportunity to break into the workforce and gain experience without loans looming over their heads. In today's society, work experience is essential, and any grace period would make those opportunities feasible.
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  • Create a dedicated year round facility for inclusive wheeled sports in Vancouver! #nowheretorollyvr
    - Rollerskate sports are a female-dominated area of sport known for body-positive, gender-inclusive, and LGBTQ/2S-friendly culture. - A rollersport facility will support underserved youth in sport in Vancouver, including girls and non-binary youth. There are not many sports where youth can fit in without having to identify to a specific gender, and women and girls are traditionally a lower priority for public sports facilities. - Rollerskate sports are a growing community that generate economic revenue for Vancouver through businesses, events and tourism. Vancouver Junior Roller Derby has been working hard to find a reliable location that serves the needs of our growing community, but due to the priority of other sports and programs, we can’t find an appropriate and receptive year-round space for kids to play the sport they love in Vancouver. City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Parks Board can recognize the positive impact of this growing, inclusive youth sport and help all roller sports thrive by providing an adequate, year-round, permanent space!
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  • Don't cut funding to overdose prevention sites in Ontario!
    More than 1200 people lost their lives to drug overdoses in 2017, many of them accidentally; they are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, daughters, sons, friends, grandparents, and mentors, and deserve a path to recovery. If we stop funding overdose prevention sites in Ontario, without any additional programming or funding to take their place, we become passive in the recovery of those who need us most. There were 6,688 opioid-related emergency department visits in the province in the first nine months of 2018 and another 1,544 hospitalizations. This issue is not abating, and until we start addressing the root cause of the crisis, we should not be cutting the funding and programming that aims to support those in need. Addiction and recovery are not individual issues but societal issues that require a broader strategy that involves on-site immediate action. As an example, The Works, run by Toronto Public Health, see's 3000 visits a month--where will they go without funding? Please, don't turn your back when they need you the most. Cutting funding to these sites will likely see a sharp rise in the number of preventable overdose deaths across Ontario, an issue we cannot afford to ignore. If we do not start addressing the fundamental issues that cause and perpetuate the opioid crisis, it would negligible to cut funding to programs that deal with the effects. Please consider halting this funding cut until you are able to implement other programs for those who rely on the services of current overdose prevention sites.
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    Created by Megan Kee
  • Stop the cuts to Education in Ontario!!
    The Ford government, and Lisa Thompson, the Ontario Minister of Education, have proposed to change the funding formula from the current 22:1 to 28:1. This is a MASSIVE CUT of 20%. This will mean that 20% of all high school courses will be cut- meaning ALL elective courses will no longer be offered- courses such as physics, music, computer science, physical education, visual art, drama, business, or technology will all be CANCELLED. Students will have only their compulsory courses, and each of those will have classes in excess of 40 students. Consider a school of approximately 1000 students with 58 teaching staff. These cuts would potentially mean the loss of 14 teaching positions, meaning 84 sections of courses at this school are now CANCELLED. Since compulsory courses must be offered, that means EIGHTY-FOUR elective classes will be gone in that school!! The TDSB trustees just voted to remove all GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR, STUDENT SUCCESS, and LIBRARY positions from high schools. Teenagers are the MOST in need of guidance counsellors as they are going through the most emotionally/turbulent times in their lives. Help stop these cuts! Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson need to hear that we will not accept massive cuts to our education system. Tell them they should be INVESTING in education, not cutting!! What can you do? 1) Email: - Doug Ford - doug.ford@pc.ola.org - Lisa Thompson - lisa.thompson@pc.ola.org - Sam Oosterhoff - sam.oosterhoffco@pc.ola.org - plus your local MP & MPP 2) Call: - Doug Ford - (416) 325-1941 - Lisa Thompson - 1-800-668-9320 - Sam Oosterhoff - 905-563-1755 - plus your local MP & MPP 3) Tweet: - Doug Ford - @FordNation - Lisa Thompson - @LisaThompsonMPP - Sam Oosterhoff - @samoosterhoff - plus your local MP & MPP 4) Facebook - message the above via Facebook & share the incredibly helpful infographics made by ETFO or Ontario Families for Public Education... concise, factual & accurate. 5) Support education workers... on days you see them wearing certain colours, dress the same in solidarity. Educate those who are not aware of what is going on. Create your own parent group & picket or write letters. Join a parent advocacy group on Facebook like Ontario Families for Public Education. AND .... If (heaven forbid) ... education workers go on strike, picket with us, honk for us and understand we are fighting for ALL children to equally have an excellent education.
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  • Designate North St. James Town a Neighbourhood Improvement Area
    What is a Neighbourhood Improvement Area (NIA)? In March 2014, the City of Toronto identified and designated 31 neighbourhoods (out of a possible 140) as Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs) under the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 (TSNS2020). Based on various indicators of socio-economic need, NIAs are given priority status on public and private funding towards community development and sustainability. What are the domains of neighbourhood well-being? The City considered five primary and fifteen sub-indicators of neighbourhood well-being, developed by Urban HEART@Toronto: 1.Economic Opportunities a) unemployment; b) low income; c) social assistance 2.Social Development d) high school graduation; e) marginalization; f) post-secondary completion 3.Participation in Decision-making g) municipal voting rate 4.Healthy Lives h) premature mortality; i) mental health; j) preventable hospitalizations; k) diabetes 5.Physical Surroundings l) community space for meeting; m) walk score; n) health food stores; o) green space Why North St. James Town? Neighbourhood 74: North St. James Town (see map to the left), has, in the two past years, experienced cascading incidents of massive resident displacements due to critical incidents in buildings at 650 Parliament St., 200, 240, 260, and 280 Wellesley St. E. -- all of which have required multi-sectoral emergency response support efforts from the local community, agencies from the St. James Town Service Providers’ Network (SJTSPN), Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Red Cross, and all levels of government. The critical incidents, and emergency responses thereto, have highlighted the strength of the St. James Town community’s concentrated and coordinated networks, but have also illustrated the need to consider North St. James Town under the TSNS2020. As Toronto’s most densely-populated neighbourhood, with a significantly lower median household income (see table below), the highest immigrant population (54.2%), and highest proportion of recent immigrants (34.8%) in Mid-East Toronto, North St. James Town provides physical surrounding and a rich infrastructure of opportunity for community decision-making and social development, ultimately providing for economic opportunities and healthy lives for its residents. With a relatively high proportion of residents living with low income, as well as a lower proportion of post-secondary education compared to Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) average, there is a community need for a stronger support system to be put in place to create more equity across Toronto and improve the five domains of neighbourhood well-being to the benefit of St. James Town residents. Toronto Central LHIN data further identifies that residents in North St. James Town experience the highest rates of marginalization of all the neighbourhoods in the Mid-East. For example: •One out of every four people (age 19+) have low continuity of primary care. •Two out of five eligible women get regular pap smear screening. •Residents have a higher rate of hospitalization for mental health conditions, ambulatory care sensitive conditions, and a higher overall hospitalization rate. •Children (ages 0-4) and youth (ages 5-19) have the highest low urgency emergency department (ED) visits. •Prevalence rates for diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are higher in North St. James Town than the Toronto Central LHIN rates, and the emergency department visit rate per 1,000 children is also higher at 785.9. When NIAs were determined, North St. James Town received a score of 47.55 out of 100, which indicated that the neighbourhood faced a high number of inequities. However, it fell just above the Neighbourhood Equity Benchmark of 48.29 needed to be designated an NIA. In light of North St. James Town’s unique position as a densely-populated and culturally-diverse neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, and the ongoing critical infrastructure emergencies in recent years, it is clear that North St. James Town faces serious inequities that require immediate action. The erosion of the community’s quality of housing and physical surroundings has had a negative impact on all five domains of neighbourhood well-being. In effect, North St. James Town requires a stronger support system to be put into place by being designated as an NIA. What are some of the benefits of being designated an NIA? •Each NIA is assigned a Community Development Officer (CDO) who will: •Collaborate with residents, service providers, and other City Staff to make sure City services address neighbourhood priorities; •Support partnerships with residents and community agencies; and •Work with funders and businesses to bring new investments. •Neighbourhood Planning Tables, which bring the City together with residents, community agencies, and businesses to implement Neighbourhood Action Plans. •Resident Advisory Committees with a focus on activating people, resources, and neighbourhood-friendly policies. •Neighbourhood Grants Program: $1,000-$3,000 to resident-led events or activities. •Local Champions Program: creating local impact for city-wide change through resident leadership. oBridging opportunities into college programs oMembership in a wide network of changemakers oCity of Toronto Certificate of Participation •The Partnership Opportunities Legacy Fund (POL): chosen by local community-based partners; $50,000 to $350,000 to support community infrastructure projects that improve city-owned or leased spaces (i.e. sports pads, parks, activity rooms, gardens). oResidents participate in the improvement of their physical surroundings; oProject applications collaboratively developed by local residents, City Agencies or divisions, service providers, and City Councillors; oProjects added to the quality of life of residents; and oThe improvements to community spaces are long-lasting.
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    Created by St. James Town Service Providers’ Network (Robb Johannes, Co-Chair)
  • Readable Insurance Pink Slips
    Self evident. These are legal documents that must be displayed when asked by police.
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  • Tell Caroline Mulroney to do the right thing by sexual assault survivors
    It is absolutely imperative that the well-being of women, particularly those in rural areas, is taken seriously. Waiting lists are untenable and the lingering profound effects on these women, their partners and their children will fan out for generations to come. It is an incredible obligation that you have to all of us.
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    Created by Rosemary Walton
  • Bill 66 Removes our Workers protections
    This is extremely important because workers would have no choice but to work the 48+ hours or fear risking their jobs. It is an extremely unfair bill that throws away the rights of the workers. It would cause mental health issues from overworking and create a toxic environment that limits our ability to have a work week that allows us to live our lives. It seems as if Doug Ford is limiting the knowledge of our rights by preventing them from being seen at the workplace. It seems as if hes actively trying to make things intentionally worse for the worling class.
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    Created by troy Nemeth
  • Ouverture de la piste multifonctionnelle du pont Jacques-Cartier à l’année
    La solution: Selon le rapport sur le projet pilote d’entretien divulgué le 9 octobre 2018, le déneigement conventionnel de la piste multifonctionnelle est tout à fait envisageable, bien qu’elle entraîne une gestion des opérations accrue et une communication constante avec le public par PJCCI. Nous exigeons donc l’entretien et l’ouverture de la piste multifonctionnelle du Pont Jacques-Cartier à l’année dès maintenant. Envoyons un message clair à la société Les Ponts Jacques-Cartier et Champlain Incorporée qui a tout en son pouvoir pour valoriser le transport actif, favoriser de saines habitudes de vie et s’attaquer aux émissions des gaz à effet de serres. The Solution: According to the October 9, 2018 report on the snow cleaning pilot project, conventional snow cleaning of the bride path is feasible even though it would entail more attention to snow cleaning operations and communications with the public by SPJCCI. We therefore request year-round opening of the multi-functional path across the Jacques Cartier Bridge.  We want to send a clear message to Les Pont Jacques Cartier et Champlain Incorporée which has in its power the ability to promote active transportation, favor healthy life-styles and reduce green-house gas emissions.
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  • Black History in BC shools curriculum
    I am asking everyone to please sign this petition and ask the Minister of Education to put this on the agenda for change. All students should see themselves and families reflected in the curriculum. We need to begin with our children, we must teach them how our province has been changed for the better through the efforts of black British Columbians and this must be celebrated in our schools.
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  • Code Red Ontario
    The Ontario PC Party has been hijacked. Under a cloud of controversy, Doug Ford and a small group of supporters took control of the political party prior to the 2018 Ontario election. This group refused to present a PC Party election platform to Ontario voters and instead rode to power on a wave of frustration with the previous Liberal Government. Now more than six months into their mandate, the Doug Ford controlled PC Party government has revealed its policy agenda and the manner in which it intends to operate. This includes: appointment of unqualified friends to high level public positions; a refusal to respond to news media questions; illegal spending on personal items like RVs for the Premier's personal use; gutting our education system; and secret plans to privatize healthcare in Ontario. This secret agenda was never presented to Ontario voters during the 2018 election and we are just seeing the beginning. The Doug Ford government approach and their secret policy agenda do not represent the values of the Progressive Conservative Party and the vast majority of PC Party supporters. The PC Party is under seige and Ontario's democracy is under attack. We are calling on MPPs currently sitting within the PC Party caucus to stand up for the values of the PC Party and Ontario voters by leaving the caucus for the duration of the current provincial government. This is in the interests of the constituents you represent and to ensure the integrity of the PC Party.
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    Created by Michael Granger
  • Stop the Elimination of Full Day Kindergarten in Ontario
    Some of the ways full day kindergarten is helping the people of Ontario include: 1. It offers an option for all classes of families to leave their kids in a safe, stimulating and educational environment for the majority of the day, allowing both parents to work full time. 2. It provides a curriculum and high standard of learning for the children in the early years, making them ready for grade school and the ever changing labour market demands of the future. It’s been shown early and often exposure to literacy, science, math and technology helps with overall individual development and will lead to more employable and emotionally intelligent individuals in the future 3. Investing in the early years is proven to better student performance in Grade 1 and beyond. Full day kindergarten ensures a workforce of the future that is adequately equipped to be competitive internationally. 4. With full day kindergarten, families in small, rural, and northern Ontario communities have the option of going to work, instead of staying home because spots in Daycares of any kind (e.g. home, centre) are very limited. 5. The lack of availability of day care spots remains a huge barrier to women re-entering the workforce after having children, and even if a spot is secured the rising monthly cost is crippling. Full day kindergarten provides the option for many to re-enter the job market who have been home for the first 4 years of the child’s life’s due to lack of affordable child care options. As Ontario’s government for the people, consider the many socio-economic benefits to continuing to invest in full day kindergarten, as this is an investment in the current workforce of Ontario, giving as many parents as possible the opportunity to work full-time without the worry of child care past 4 years of age. It will also equip the future workforce of Ontario with adequate skills to compete in a global economy.
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    Created by Julia Ptasznyk