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To: Vancouver Mayor and Council, City of Vancouver

Cut the CRAP! Stop the Chinatown mass displacement plan! 刪除CRAP!停⽌令華埠 ⼤規模流離失所之意圖

Dear Mayor Robertson and City Council:致溫哥華市⾧羅品信及市議員:

We demand that you reject the new zoning plan for Chinatown (the Chinatown Economic Revitalization Action Plan update, or CRAP). 我們要求閣下反對華埠新⼟地規劃(CRAP)。

Instead, we call on you to implement a zoning plan for Chinatown that requires:取⽽代之,我們希望閣下考慮採納以下的華埠⼟地規劃:

1. A pause on new market-rate developments in Chinatown until the number of social housing units at welfare-pension rates in the neighbourhood matches the current number of market-rate housing units 暫停華埠以謀利為主的地發展項⽬,多興建低收⼊公共房屋,直到其數量與市價房屋⼀致。

2. After this, 50% of all new residential housing in Chinatown must be for social housing at welfare and pension rates 之後,華埠新地發展項⽬必須有50%為低收⼊⼈⼠⽽設的公共房屋。

Why is this important?

The Problem

Vancouver is facing a housing affordability crisis. Yet Vancouver City Council is considering a new zoning plan for Chinatown (the Chinatown Economic Revitalization Action Plan update, or CRAP) that lets developers build expensive condos in Chinatown, but doesn’t add any social housing.

More expensive condos will only make gentrification worse, while doing nothing to meet overwhelming need for permanently affordable, quality housing in Chinatown. In Chinatown today, there are two condos for every social housing unit. In 2016 alone, 398 new market-rate housing units opened up in Chinatown, but only 11 new units at welfare-pension rates were added. Meanwhile, Chinatown’s residents and businesses are facing rent increases, evictions, and displacement.

Even City staff admit that the CRAP will do nothing to make housing more affordable in Chinatown. They claimed hearing during their public consultation that public benefits like social housing “aren’t worth it”, even though for years residents have said that new social housing is absolutely necessary for the continued survival of the Chinatown community.

The Solution

Instead, the Mayor and City Council should implement a zoning plan that keeps Chinatown affordable for the existing community and the generations to come. By pausing new market developments until social housing units match market-rate units, and requiring a 1:1 rate of development based on floor area thereafter, working-class residents will be shielded from a tidal wave of rent increases due to new development.

But stopping gentrification isn’t enough. This is why Chinatown residents and organizations have created the People’s Vision for Chinatown to ensure that the neighbourhood remains permanently affordable and welcoming to seniors, workers, and low-income people of all backgrounds. The People’s Vision calls for truly affordable housing, culturally appropriate retail, accessible community spaces, democratic decision-making, neighbourhood safety, and better health and social services for seniors and low-income people. For more details, visit

Take Action

For too long, Chinatown has been a place where people have experienced discrimination, displacement, neglect, and political exclusion. This must end today. Sign this petition, tell the City that it must put the urgent needs of people before corporate profit, and join us in support of the People’s Vision for Chinatown.










This petition is co-created by Chinatown Action Group and Chinatown Concern Group.

(Graphic image by Maria Wallstam)





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