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To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear Trudeau: Stand up to Trump

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, bully.

We tell our kids to stand up to bullies, because bullies only have power when we remain silent. Now we need you to stand up to Donald Trump.

Trump has spent his first weeks in office passing a Muslim Ban, promising to bring back torture, and appointing climate change deniers to his cabinet. Please denounce Trump’s hateful policies, and show us you’re a leader who has the courage to take a stand. [1-3]

[Your Name]

Why is this important?

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be sitting down to meet with President Trump.

I’m a mom, a highschool teacher and a Leadnow member. I started this open letter because I’m really worried that Trudeau won’t have the courage to stand up to Trump.

Let’s urge Trudeau to set a courageous example for our children -- showing them how to stand up to bullies like Trump.

Trudeau might ignore a letter from one teacher like me -- but if thousands of us add out names, we can get Trudeau’s attention and convince him to stand up to Trump on Monday


[1] Donald Trump says he believes waterboarding works (BBC News).

[2] A travel ban that descended into chaos, protests: What we know (CNN).

[3] Climate change denial in the Trump cabinet: where do his nominees stand? (The Guardian).


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