• Don't Privatize Muskoka Hospitals
    The universality of our health-care system is at stake.
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    Created by S.R. Gage
    STROKE survivors of all ages are being left behind in Canada and are prevented from recovering and re-entering society again. At present approximately 5,000 young adult stroke survivors in Ontario are denied more services because of age.
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    Created by Jim McEwen
  • Seniors on Government Pension Deep Under Poverty Line
    Seniors are suffering much stress to catch up with their monthly bills and payments for their necessities. They are deep under the poverty line in Canada.
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    Created by Bahman Shirazi
  • Keep Online Continuing Education Classes at the Toronto District School Board
    Online Continuing Education courses are better for the following reasons: - access is improved and more equitable for instructors and students from across the city - time, distance and cost of travel to in-person sites can be a major deterrent. This is especially true with the current high cost of gas. - access is made possible / more convenient for people with disabilities - attendance will be improved by elimination of problems travelling in inclement weather - potential participants (e.g., seniors, immunocompromised) will not be deterred by ongoing risks related to COVID-19 - the TDSB will save expenses associated with maintenance of existing buildings for in-person courses. Please help support online Continuing Education courses. Let's give Toronto residents the option of taking them. Supporters of online Continuing Education courses (Learn4Life) at the TDSB
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    Created by Melanie Christensen
  • Support Victims of Sexual Violence in Ukraine
    History shows that most systematic sexual violence in war goes unpunished. It’s the women and children who must suffer this violence, without justice or support in the after math of war. If we allocate money to support these victims it will show that Canadians abhor these atrocities and won’t stand silent while yet more women and children become rape victims as part of political war games.
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    Created by Lyn Kribs
  • Rename Dundas Public School to Stand Against Anti-Black Racism
    As students of Queen Alexandra Middle School and members of the community (which is the neighbouring institute of Dundas Public School), we firmly believe that Henry Dundas is not an appropriate representative of our community. By continuing to honour his memory, we celebrate histories of colonialism and enslavement that conflict with our shared values of tolerance and inclusion. Further, the name doesn’t reflect the diverse populations that make up our student bodies.
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    Created by Students of Queen Alexandra Middle School
  • Close International Air Ports In Canada
    Covid 19 will eventually stop spreading. As seen in Australia. Australia has minimal cases. This is important because it will save lives as well and allow us to get back to life. It will prevent variants from coming into Canada and allow us time to Eliminate the Present Pandemic.
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    Created by Angela F
  • Get daycare workers immunized
    These front-line workers are caring for the children of other front-line workers but are all but forgotten. Emergency daycares are open and these workers were rly with children, staff and parents and need to be prioritized for the vaccine.
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    Created by Maureen Huddleston
  • Extend tax filing deadline
    It will help low income citizens comply with the tax filing laws and get their benefits.
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    Created by Erik Koudstaal
  • Close the Malls and Big Box Stores in Ontario
    The Premier constantly insists that his decisions are based on the recommendations of qualified doctors and on science. Across the board doctors have indicated that the current lock-down measures are inadequate. More people are becoming infected, Intensive Care Units are overwhelmed and people are dying. Whole families are being infected, are sent off to different communities as local hospitals cannot cope and many are dying alone. When Malls and Big Box stores are open and filled with shoppers, this risks not only the shoppers who have chosen not to stay home but also the staff who are exposed to significant risk if they hope to keep a job and income. We hear over and over a "stay at home" message but how does that make sense when we encourage lineups and shopping? It is time to stop this virus before there are more mutations, including some that may be vaccine resistant.
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    Created by Agnes Samler
    Just because the ocean is an unknown quantity to most of us and is being used as a dumping ground for our garbage, doesn't mean that we can ignore the suffering of the creatures and plant life that dwell below. We will have depleted all the fish stocks by around 2043 if we carry on in this manner, overfishing until there's nothing left. Sharks, an apex predator, are having their fins ripped off and are then thrown back into the sea: all for the benefit of those who think shark fin soup will enhance their sex lives.... Remember that tragic movie "The Cove"? Well it's happening all over again..the Japanese village of Taiji is practising horrific dolphin abuse on a grand scale. They are blaming the dolphins for eating the blue fin tuna, worth millions on the open market, when they are the ones who have fished the tuna to the verge of extinction. The only way that the undersea world can recover is if we stop eating fish, stop dumping junk and show a lot more respect for nature.
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    Created by Julie Swann
  • Homeless people in brantford we need a shelter
    I hate seeing people getting judge because they are homless and there nothing in our town to help them. I dont like seeing people sleeping outside in the cold. The students are so scared thinking they want to hurt them and steal there stuff. The police have other important jobs to be doing but they have to deal with the homeless people its so important to me because this is were i grew up and i love my home town. I want to make it safe and fun place to be like when i grew up u could leave your door open and not worry about people walking in. I want to help
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    Created by Becca Murchie