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Support Adoption of Distance Voting in Canadian Parliament

Support Adoption of Distance Voting in Canadian Parliament

This petition aims to enable Parliament to become fully functional again by implementing distance voting. Currently, Parliament is hobbled, because only bills with unanimous support can be passed. Thus, key legislation such as the Police Reform Act and Medical Assistance in Dying amendments cannot even be voted on. In BC, parliament has successfully implemented a distance voting process and can serve as a federal model. As Canada moves toward recovery, we require a fully functioning Parliament able to vote on new pieces of legislation. However, this must be done without requiring 300 MPs sitting together in one room to vote. Adopting a distance voting is a simple and effective way to allow Parliament to function while managing the risk associated with the pandemic.

Why is this important?

It is time that the federal government started moving ahead. Based on the lessons learned from COVID-19, it's time to adopt new and innovative ways to ensure the work we elected our officials to do can get done.



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