To: Leaders of Government and Business

Unity Project

Addressing the crisis’ in our beloved country is a formidable challenge. From coast to coast with all regions included we have numerous areas of concern that need immediate action. No longer can we kick the can down the road, from one government to the next. Founders of the “Unity Project” have seen enough and demand that action be taken now. We have a strategy that has been adapted to the current status of our nation and will see it applied. The Government is acting with half measures on the housing, mental health and general well being of common citizens. Prudent attention is given to business and landowners’ needs while people continue to suffer. We do not believe there to be any legitimate reason for the unemployed to drift into a cycle of debt and compromise. We must use our workforce to it’s maximum potential with training and education for the careers developing on the global spectrum. Our environment, waste management, resource management, housing, agriculture, energy and transportation industries are all areas which require innovation and expansion now. While earning market value, these sectors could employ the nation. The people would be working and paying taxes while expanding Canadas' reputation, ability and strength in global markets.
Please sign this petition to show our leaders that you have had enough of the obstruction to our personal fulfillment of life.

Demand action now by supporting the “Unity Project” !

Government and business must collaborate on a strategy that builds a sustainable, inclusive economy across Canada. We have the technology, the need and the money. The challenge is overcoming the greed within the current systems. Discontent within our Nation is growing rapidly, real action is demanded now.

Why is this important?

The people at the bottom of society have all but been forgotten, the middle class needs both parents of the family to hold full time jobs in order to maintain that stature. Their children are left to be raised by strangers lacking the love and focussed required to nurture a wholesome human being. The wealthy add to their riches by investing in other business enterprise while little of the prosperity filters down.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition as we conduct meetings that facilitate the changes necessary. In person and electronically.