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To: The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Stop Poisoning Nova Scotia for Profit

Honourable Minister Guilbeault;

The Province of Nova Scotia is actively destroying essential wetlands; clearcutting healthy, mature forests; polluting our water tables and poisoning our environment.

Using affordable housing as an excuse, beneficial wetlands and poisoned gold mine tailings are being disturbed, even mature forests are being clearcut, allowing developers access to land no reasonable person would ever consider for development. Our provincial government is bulldozing its way through regulations and environmental precautions to satisfy the desires of those who will benefit in the short term from these depredations.

Consultations with the public have been cut short, Indigenous communities have been ignored and science-based studies explaining the dangers of these developments are not complete.

Why is this important?

The locations for these "developments" have been chosen solely based on the, suddenly reduced, assessed price of the land and no other considerations. Deals are being made without due diligence behind closed doors. All efforts to question these decisions are met with silence from the government and developers. Thousands of Nova Scotians are protesting these maneuvers, yet no explanation of the method behind this madness has been offered.

How it will be delivered

Online and through any media outlet that will accommodate it.



2022-12-03 09:10:13 -0500

Thank you everyone for your support. Since starting this petition:

- a rare fern has been discovered at Mabou Beach which may put a halt to any plans of destroying part of the beach for a golf course.
- Signal Gold has just expanded its exploration footprint in Goldboro sixfold from 599 - 3756 hectares
- The Nova Scotia government has had to pause logging in a public Annapolis County forest after citizens identified several species at risk.
- Drone footage of destruction at Eisner Cove
- There has still been no answer to the multitude of questions put to the government regarding the backroom decisions to sell the province to the highest bidders.

10 signatures on this petition is nice, 10,000 is better. Please share.

2022-11-22 20:27:59 -0500

10 signatures reached