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To: Premier Doug Ford

Stop Bill 23: Protect the Greenbelt and Build Real Affordable Housing

Premier Ford: Stop Bill 23

In the middle of a climate and housing crisis, Ontario is calling on you to stop Bill 23.

It will destroy wetlands, farmland and woodlands and undermine important environmental protection. We need real investment in affordable housing, and this Bill will only deliver more money to developers while worsening the housing emergency.

We, the undersigned, urge you to stop Bill 23.

Why is this important?

Doug Ford lied. Last month he tabled a piece of legislation — Bill 23 — to eviscerate our pristine Greenbelt, breaking his promise to leave it alone. [1]

This bill is an attack on the environment and democracy — all under the guise of expanding housing. [2]

Bill 23 would allow Ford to take 7,400 acres of farmland and natural areas and strip environmental protections that protect wildlife, keep our drinking water safe, guard wetlands, and ensure flood protection. [3]

To pave over our Greenbelt, Ford is undermining the planning power of municipalities, forgoing requirements for public meetings and overriding the ability of communities to appeal decisions. [4]

And housing experts and advocates have been clear: with a focus on making money, the bill will actually limit the ability to build new affordable rental housing and jeopardize the affordable housing that exists. [5,6] All the while, corporate land developers are set to profit big from this plan. [7]

Public outrage is growing — and there’s still time to stop this Bill from going through. Will you sign this petition to help show mass public support and demand Bill 23 is stopped?

[4] see 2


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