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To: Government of BC

Resignation of John Horgan

Resignation of John Horgan

This petition calls for the resignation of British Columbia Premier; John Horgan.

Due to his unconstitutional use of police.
Ie; use of "exclusion / media free" zones that limit our right for freedom of speech.

Use of extreme force against peaceful protest.

Unlawful extraction of resources on unceded indigenous lands.

Disregard of the "Environmental Protection Act" in regards to the destruction of habitat / the endangered species "Screeching Owl" that is currently in mating season.
As well as the last 2.7% of old growth.

Disregard for the promises made on his voting platform; protection of old growth.

Use of Police to subdue our rights and responsibility as a people to challenge government practices on behalf of a forestry company.

Long have we believed that the government body, acts righteously.
That belief, is now shattered by the inaction of John Horgan and his NDP Government.

Why is this important?

We have long been trying to appeal to institutions (companies / government ) sense of decency, in showcasing by all means necessary societal pitfalls, and politely asking for change.

Thus far, we have been ignored.
Our calls screened, our emails in limbo to an inbox full, and deliberately overlooked.

It has become clear, that our "leaders" care NOT about the people of whom they swore to be a servant, but of large companies.

The actions against the people, and the planet.
Continued destruction of habitat,
Continued abuse of rightful landowners is an abhorrent misallocation of power.

The time has come to hold these people accountable for their actions.

To involve ourselves in our rightful responsibility to our planet, and it's people.

And no longer accept the idea that our government(s) know what is best.

Reasons for signing

  • The NDPs betrayal of the public after being elected as opposing Site C, LNG, old growth logging, fish farms, mining pollution, TMX, etc. is grounds for resignation.
  • I'm from BC originally and have stake in the goings on there still. John Horgan is one of these massive fakes. Fake socialist, fake anti-racist, a total colonizer basically. All that sucks, but logging the last of BC's old growth? He's trashing BC, literally. Time to go.
  • Old growth must be protected!


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