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To: Canadian health system

Put Advanced First Aiders/Responders to work to assist frontline staff with COVID-19

-Put advanced first aiders to work to help with the coming strain on the health system.
-Put advanced first aiders into a streamlined basic Emergency training now to assist frontline medical staff.
-Consider using those with Class 4, 3, or 2 Drivers licences for emergency transport.

Why is this important?

Our Doctors and nurses deserve our support and they are not only going to be dealing with Covid-19 but also with regular health problems (injuries and illnesses).

People with EMR, OFA3, or 80AWFA should be asked to do some emergency basic training ASAP.

In the sector of Adventure Tourism; mountain guides, ski patrollers, marine guides, river guides etc., certainly have essential training and skills to offer if/when/where the system is ready for this untapped and poised resource. Also, it's worth mentioning that many people in Adventure Tourism also have Class 4, 3, or 2 Drivers licences and might be wanted for emergency transport.

How it will be delivered

To the Canadian Public Health Service, Public Service Commission of Canada, Parliament Of Canada.


2020-03-21 11:30:54 -0400

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