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To: City of Toronto

Protect heritage workmans cottages from development

Protect heritage workmans cottages from development

Have a bylaw to protect all homes that fall under the definition of a Workmans Cottage in the City of Toronto and to amend residential zoning bylaw Height, to have an exception for Workmans cottages to not allow for any height extensions above what already is it's current maximum height.

Why is this important?

Workmans cottages should have a blanket protection in the City of Toronto as very few remain. Developers have taken advantage of too many loopholes provided by the city to destroy these historic homes. This would be a similar blanket protection that Montreal imposed for their "Shoebox homes" . The essence of the workman's cottage was to provide affordable housing, with land, to the lower working class which is still relevant and needed today, allowing three stories to be built from a one-story defeats the whole purpose of what these homes represented over a century ago, and is a strong historic icon that needs to be protect.

Reasons for signing

  • The people who built our city lived and flourished in these homes and raised their families. To demolish them is the same as tearing pages out of the Toronto history book.
  • What was common workman's housing and staple evidence of Toronto's evolving cultural history is being obliterated. Understanding, evidentially, how people live is important, particularly in a time when housing and rising homelessness in Toronto is such a major issue.
  • I am tired of developers taking over and building huge homes where they should not. It happen to us near the beaches. These are historical homes or at least should be. We need to leave these elements for our children and their children. Our history is critical.


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