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To: The members of the House of Commons in Ottawa

Petition Regarding Noise Pollution Generated by Airplanes Near Major Canadian Cities

We, the undersigned, Canadian residents, ask the Government of Canada to act quickly so that :

• The airports be subjected to a curfew (11 pm - 07 am);

• The airport authorities be subjected to comprehensive impact studies
(economic, environmental, health, social and urbanistic) and to public
hearings when major expansion works are planed;

• That the Canadian Parliament legislates to modernize airport activity
laws and regulations to ensure public health and environmental

• The airport authorities be subjected to annual review by the Auditor
General of Canada;

• An independent body, accountable to the Parliament, be created to
deal with nuisances arising from airport activities such as noise pollution.

Why is this important?

• Noise pollution generated by air traffic has increased significantly above major Canadian cities ;

• The quality of life and health of citizens are greatly impaired by
low-level flying aircrafts;

• Scientific evidence shows that noise pollution generated by aircrafts
brings serious health concerns and has effects notably on heart health;

• The inaction of Canadian airport authorities and their refusal to implement concrete solutions to minimize the nuisance caused by aircraft flyovers is obvious.


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