To: Government of Canada

Let's respond to Coronavirus

The government of Canada needs to respond more to coronavirus.

It needs to set a strict quarantine to help buy us time. It needs to be more vigilant with travel between US and Canada, as well as between areas harder hit within Canada. It needs to discourage hoarding, setting a limit on how many essentials one person can buy at a given time. It also needs to limit the number of visits to the essential places that remain open. It needs to provide more masks and sanitizers and thermometers to the public. It also needs to test more individuals including those with little to no symptoms, to be more accurate about the spread and who needs to be in quarantine. It also needs to support workers who need to stay home. And it needs to enforce all of these things so people take it seriously.

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Why is this important?

We need to be smart about how we respond to the pandemic. And consider the costs. Our short-term costs may turn out resulting in the greatest benefits long term. At the very least, we need to buy ourselves time to come up with an effective longer term plan.