To: Doug Ford Govement

Homeless people in brantford we need a shelter

I want to see Brantford Ontario to open up more shelters, one that whom is working there cares and helps people get jobs get off the street stop doing drugs found away to help people in need here its so sad its really cold at night, yes alot of them at on drug but alot of them are not either way we need to figure out a way to help theses people have hope, we work on this then we are helping alot of people like the police not having to deal with getting calls about people sleeping in there yard ect we help our commity we clean up the street help the young people that go to college where the homless people hang out and the students get scared because they dont understand that theses are people in need of help they dont want to hurt them. I cry every time i go down town and see all the people sleeping in the cold let see if we can get the help they need please

Why is this important?

I hate seeing people getting judge because they are homless and there nothing in our town to help them. I dont like seeing people sleeping outside in the cold. The students are so scared thinking they want to hurt them and steal there stuff. The police have other important jobs to be doing but they have to deal with the homeless people its so important to me because this is were i grew up and i love my home town. I want to make it safe and fun place to be like when i grew up u could leave your door open and not worry about people walking in. I want to help