To: The federal Government of Canada

Democracies for Serenity

This is to request that the parliament of Canada legislate to promote and finance the establishment over time of DEMOCRATICALLY organized equally owned worker's enterprises until they are sufficiently numerous to compete effectively with DICTATORIALLY organized corporations.

Why is this important?

DICTATORIAL corporations are dictatorial because of the dictation of the boards directors of majority shareholders.
DEMOCRATIC equally owned enterprises are democratic because of the equal ownership of the enterprise by the workers-owners having equal voting in governance, equal receipt of profits and the worker-owners setting of the wages.
Competition between dictatorships and democracies would obtain superior results to legislating the least desired kind of organization out of existence. Whichever that might be. With democratic firms competing with dictatorial firms the wages of corporations would match the wages of equally owned enterprises, lack of profit and governance would be compensated for or corporate profit would be shared and participation in corporate governance allowed. This would be an ending to gross enormous inequality in corporations, the beginning of the serenity of the populace and the inclusion of all in the economy.