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To: The Government of Canada and The City of Vancouver - Local Government

Start The Venus Project in Canada.

We stand in solidarity with all freedom-loving individuals around the globe, we stand for dignity and integrity for all people of this country, and all countries.

For too long we have let capitalism and greed take over our lives, with no thought to how it impacts our environment and thus, ourselves. We believe in making a fresh start, via The Venus Project. To unite our country and the world to live in peace and harmony under a transparent government.

“There are no bad people, there are people with insufficient information to make appropriate decisions.” - Jacque Fresco

Take a look around you, the opioid crisis, the rapid increase homelessness, and extreme poverty, lack of job security, rising levels of unhappiness and mental health issues. While the cost of living goes up the pockets of the wealthy expand. People around the world are starting to wake up and realize what's happening. It is time to let our voices be heard! Now is the time to make a stand, let them know how you feel. STAND WITH US!

Here is the latest project which is a stepping stone to the first city, then a network of cities that share resources and knowledge freely. Your help is needed to get this off the ground.

Support The Venus Project NOW! a world beyond politics, poverty, and war!

Support the building of Center for Resource Management in the Greater Vancouver Area, British Columbia, Canada.


Learn more about the project:

Why is this important?

Why is this important?

The Project Promotes The Following Benefits to Our Society:

+ Green Technology.
+ Jobs.
+ Clean Environment and ecologically clean world.
+ Fair Economy.
+ Strong Democracy.

How it will be delivered




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