To: Premiers and the Prime Minister

Worms against climate change

Stop subsidizing the killing of worms by subsidizing worm killing NPK fertilizer. Subsidize farmers who attain policy goals like 1 million worms per hectare. Create a VWF (very worm friendly) quality mark so produce grown with VWF methods can be identified and bought by consumers. Fund with federal carbon taxes as the best and lowest cost use of these monies to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide. Spray parks, farms and forests with worm friendly fulvic acid, a powerful bio-stimulant produced by worms, to cheaply and dramatically increase the number of worms.

Why is this important?

Worms and soil microbes lock more carbon dioxide than any other method which has zero cost. Worms work for free! There is more carbon dioxide locked in the soil than in all the atmosphere and all the plants. Canada is big and could support a lot of worms. NPK fertilizer kills worms and mine the soil so that the topsoil rapidly degrades and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is the greatest human caused source of carbon dioxide. In addition if worm friendly deciduous trees would be planted in forests the forest soils would lock away far more carbon dioxide at almost zero cost. By adopting worm friendly policies we will all enjoy more nutritious food, cleaner water and because more water is stored in the soils far fewer droughts and floods.