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To: Minister Rickford

Withdraw all Grassy Territory from mining and mineral exploration now!

Dear Minister Rickford,

As you know, in 2007 Grassy Narrows declared a moratorium on all industrial activity in their territory. In 2018 Grassy Narrows enacted a Land Declaration, enshrining into their law a ban on all mineral staking, exploration and mining in their territory. Grassy Narrows is protecting their Territory so that their people will never again be poisoned, and so that they can restore what mercury has damaged in their health, way of life, and environment.

Yet despite these facts, since your government has come into office the staking of claims in Grassy Narrows Territory has grown exponentially. Since June 2018 the number of staked claims in the Territory has gone from a few hundred to over four thousand.

Now, the situation has reached a critical juncture.

Trillium Gold Mines Inc, has submitted an application for a permit to begin drilling in search of gold within Grassy Narrows Territory. They are proposing to drill over 100 holes in Grassy Narrows’ protected area, despite having been informed by Grassy Narrows that this is in direct conflict with Grassy Narrows law.

Grassy Narrows’ Territory, already violated by mercury, clearcut logging and hydro dams is key to Grassy Narrows’ way of life. The Territory must be restored, not further degraded. The threat of wide-spread mining is callous and untenable. Approving this permit will embolden other mining companies and could lead to a dangerous mine that would compound the harm already done to Grassy Narrows people.

The people of Grassy Narrows’ have endured too much colonial violence already – do not make it worse.

Minister, will you do the right thing and deny Trillium Gold’s application for a permit to begin drilling on Grassy Narrows Territory? Will you commit to withdrawing the Grassy Narrows Territory from all mining activity?

Grassy Narrow is fighting to defend their lives, lands and way of life. I am with Grassy Narrows in this fight.

I look forward to your response.

Why is this important?

A mining company is applying to drill for Gold in Grassy Narrows Territory against Grassy Narrows’ will. This could lead to a dangerous gold mine that would compound the harm that mercury, clearcut logging, hydro dams and residential schools have already done to Grassy Narrows’ lives, lands, and way of life. This violation of Grassy Narrows’ Land Declaration is an important threat to Grassy Narrows’ self-determination, rights and culture. Tell Minister Rickford to deny Trillium Gold’s permit to drill at the Leo Project, and withdraw Grassy Narrows Territory from mining activity.

Sign our petition calling on Minister Rickford to withdraw all Grassy Territory form mining and mineral exploration now!


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