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To: The RCMP and The Canadian Government

We NEED to see strong ACTION against MONEY LAUNDERING

The Canadian government needs to explain what actions they have taken to stop money laundering from occurring in Canada, why their current and past actions have not proven effective and what they can do to ensure proper change.

Why is this important?

Money laundering and all other ways corrupt money is coming from certain known countries leaves a negative impact on our local businesses, affordability of life and real state conditions.

For example, in Iran's case, the people that are bringing this mentioned corrupt money, generally have good relations with the corrupt and amoral Iranian government and terrorist militia (SEPAH PASDARAN). These people and their unprincipled actions influence the governing bodies and even terrorist activities. Our Canadian government needs to take corrective measures and effective action against his behavior.

Check out this news article for more detail.


2021-01-29 15:49:31 -0500

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