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To: Premier John Horgan

We must create a provincial heat response plan before next year.

We must create a provincial heat response plan before next year.

Premier John Horgan: We need a provincial heat response plan before next year.

Why is this important?

The heat dome that blanketed BC this summer took the lives of nearly 600 people — many of them poor, elderly and disabled. [1] A flood or a hurricane is more visible than heat which is “invisible” but heat is a real and easily defined threat. A report released by the Human Rights Watch in October found that the BC government didn’t go far enough to protect British Columbians from the extreme heat, calling their efforts “inadequate.” [2]

I was luckily able to spend $700 on an AC unit just in time to find some relief. While those 600 people were in an actual fatal emergency, my partner and their two cats were feeling very stressed and desperate in their hot 1950s building in south Vancouver. In the 1950s the buildings were made to store and hold heat because they had little clue the opposite was a more vital need. They didn’t expect the changes in the climate we’ve seen now. Luckily I could house my partner and their cats for a couple weeks, and we made it through with the AC.

With climate change predicted to make heat waves like this one more frequent and deadly, we need a provincial heat response plan that will keep our communities safe. We need it before next year, to repeat myself.

Municipalities like the City of Vancouver have already passed motions to begin preparing for future heat waves [3] — but the Province is lagging behind. The Human Rights Watch has put the onus on Horgan’s government to avoid replicating the deadly mistakes of this past summer — but he won’t act unless we turn up the heat (the other kind - solidarity and collective action!)

If we flood Horgan with thousands of messages calling on him to create a provincial heat response plan, he’ll have no choice but to act. Simply put and easily understood, this plan would benefit and protect us all. 600 individuals were lost, and hundreds of thousands of us or more were actively distressed. There is no choice but to act.

[3] ​​


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Thanks everyone for signing so far! Please share with everyone you know who lives in BC. People working together does make change really happen! Keep strong, grow together...

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