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To: Premier Doug Ford

Vaccine mandate for healthcare and education workers in Ontario

This campaign has ended.

I'm writing to ask that you mandate vaccines for schools and healthcare workers in Ontario.

Our government is sitting on the sidelines watching as the 4th wave is well under way. We ask that you do the right thing before it's too late. In the past, we delayed taking action and as a result, many people lost their lives. Are we going to sacrifice children this time? How many children need to be hospitalized and lose their lives before this government takes effective action and use the tools that we have to protect the vulnerable?

Vaccination is the most powerful tool we have to minimize the impact of COVID_19. Please do what's right and help us create a safer place for the most vulnerable. I ask that you
* Mandate vaccination for healthcare workers
* Mandate vaccination for education workers and children 12+ that attend schools
* Implement a vaccine passport that allows us to have a safer indoors environment

Delta variant is moving fast. There's no time to waste.

Why is this important?

This is a matter of public health. We need to protect the most vulnerable including children who can't be vaccinated yet, people who are sick, people with disabilities and the elderly. The delta variant is more contagious and more dangerous. We can't afford to sit and watch another wave take over. It's time to act.


2021-08-27 15:25:31 -0400

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2021-08-12 10:03:12 -0400

I just came across another petition with the same message but done much better than this one:
Going to close this in favour of the other. Please sign if you can. Thank you

2021-08-11 19:39:40 -0400

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