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To: Jamie Cassels, President of the University of Victoria

UVic, stop investing in fossil fuel companies

UVic, stop investing in fossil fuel companies

Dear President Cassels,
UVic claims to be a sustainability leader while trying to profit from companies like Imperial Oil (whose parent company is Exxon) that have histories of climate change denial and policy obstructionism. Please advise the university's endowment board to immediately freeze new investments in fossil fuel companies and to develop a plan to divest all current holdings in fossil fuels as expeditiously as possible, but certainly within three years.

Why is this important?

UVic invests millions of dollars from its endowment fund into fossil fuel companies. Trying to profit from corporations that have a history of climate change denial is sustainability leadership in high speed reverse. UVic students and faculty have already voted overwhelmingly in favour of divestment. But the administration's response has been to increase their fossil fuel investments. By raising your voice you can help end UVic's hypocrisy. The university spends millions on branding and is very sensitive to public criticism that challenges its carefully cultivated image as a sustainability leader. If you support divestment from fossil fuel companies like Imperial Oil then please sign our petition and help UVic close the book on its complicity with climate change denial and policy obstructionism.

For more information please see this recent article in the Tyee:

Reasons for signing

  • Scientific research shows that in order to keep to international targets to limit global warming to a 2C rise and thus prevent catastrophic levels of climate change, between two-thirds and four-fifths of fossil fuels need to remain in the ground. More than 220 institutions around the world have now committed to some form of fossil fuel divestment, including pension funds, foundations, universities, faith organizations and local authorities.
  • UVic's governance continues to demonstrate an appalling lack of self awareness and intellectual honesty for an academic institution. Stop the hypocrisy: either own up to what fossil fuel investments really say about institutional priorities or put put the UVic Foundation's money where UVic's mouth is. Paying lip service to values like sustainability and equity is meaningless without action.
  • We must find another way --a greener way--to heat our homes and power our transportation.


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