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To: Jo Taylor, OTPP President & CEO

Urge the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to stop fuelling the climate crisis

Stop investing teachers' pensions in the massive expansion of a UK-based airport, that is fuelling the climate crisis

Why is this important?

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) is fuelling the flames of the climate crisis by investing in the massive expansion of a UK-based airport on treasured greenbelt land. [1]

OTPP is one of Canada’s biggest pension funds, and currently owns 100% of Bristol airport. They’re planning to add around 10,400 flights, millions more passengers, and thousands of parking spaces.

Local residents, teachers, environmental activists, and even Conservative politicians are speaking out. Last year, renowned climate activist Greta Thunberg joined student protestors as they rallied against the airport expansion. [2]

The airport expansion is a carbon bomb: increasing emissions by over 60 per cent to at least 1.6 million tonnes a year. [3]

Nearly 10,000 residents have written letters in opposition to the planned expansion and the majority of local politicians and councils have voted against it. While momentum is growing for the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to abandon the Bristol airport expansion, a flood of local pressure right here in Ontario—led by teachers, students, and people across the province—could convince OTPP to hit the brakes on the climate-killing project.

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[3] See [1]


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