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To: Bill Weber - Lambton Shores, Jason Cole - County of Lambton

Tree Conservation By-Law

Implement a tree-cutting by-law in Lambton Shores.

There should be an environment consultation based process to deduce if a tree can be allowed to be cut on private property. It's especially important to protect native trees and vegetation. This conservation by-law should also be in balance with the importance of the property owners project or service.

A good reference is from the Ontario Woodlot Association:

Why is this important?

Huron County already has a tree-cutting by-law; we should be following their foot-steps.

Lambton Shores specifically as well as various areas in Lambton County consist of areas of important natural lands that should be valued highly for its biodiversity, animal habitat, and our own enjoyment/health.

We still see farmers trimming away at their native treed woodlots 5 - 10 acres at a time. We understand that farmers feed us, but farmers also need the aid of naturally protected lands and waters to maintain proper biodiversity and pollination to maintain a healthy crop. We all need to look at the bigger picture and work together for the health of ourselves and our lands.

A tree-cutting bylaw similar in scope to Huron County should be our goal here in Lambton County and Lambton Shores.


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