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To: Mayor Tory and Toronto Council

Toronto: End Tesla's nonconsensual test trials

Put a halt to Tesla's non-consensual test trials of their unfinished autopilot software - outlaw the use of full self-driving in Toronto

Why is this important?

On November 24th, Tesla expanded it's beta test of "full self-driving" software to everyone in North America. [1]

Just hours later, a six-car pileup on the Bay Bridge was caused by a Tesla suddenly stopping; two people were hospitalized. [2]

Tesla's misleadingly named "full self-driving" feature - which is not full self-driving at all, but rather requires human override at all times - is still in beta testing, meaning it is *not* market ready. In fact, the US Department of Justice is investigating Tesla over its misleading claims. [3]

And now everyone in Toronto is an unknowing participant in Elon Musk's safety trials.

Tesla previously forbid "full self-driving" within Toronto because it would not recognize streetcars picking up or dropping off passengers. When asked by the CBC how this flaw had been fixed, Tesla did not provide an answer. [4]

Recent tests in October also showed that Tesla's falsely-named "full self-driving" will not recognize school busses with stop signs extended and will drive around them, even when children are crossing the street. [5]

Toronto streets are already too dangerous for pedestrians, transit riders, cyclists, and drivers alike. Elon Musk is free to test out his "full self-driving" software - but he needs to do it on closed courses, or places where people have consciously opted-in to be participants.

We did not sign up to be Elon Musk's guinea pigs. It's time to ban Tesla's "full self-driving" until it completes the relevant beta testing and can demonstrate a safety record that actually makes our streets safer.




[4] See 1




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