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To: Ontario Lottery Group (OLG) and the Ontario Provincial Government

To Request a "Green" environmentally focused lottery.

Dear OLG Group, Premier Doug Ford and ministers

In order to reduce Ontario's dependence on the oil and gas industry, new research and development is vitally important for sustainable energy projects.  Please establish a "Green" lottery specifically focused on funding projects aimed at developing sustainable energy projects and supporting projects aimed at the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

Why is this important?

It is an expensive venture to fund sustainable energy projects, however, the climate change situation has reached a point where a proactive approach is crucially necessary. The raising of funds through an OLG "Green" lottery would support these initiatives without having to use tax payer's money..

How it will be delivered

The petition will be sent to the various parties by email.


2019-02-19 08:56:42 -0500

25 signatures reached

2019-02-15 09:34:06 -0500

According to the OLG, in order to get the OLG to run a new lottery such as the proposed "Green" lottery, it wil require the Provincial Government of Ontario to change legislation. Therefore, efforts will be concentrated on Ontario MMPs who are willing to support this initiative.

2019-02-12 20:48:36 -0500

10 signatures reached