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To: Prime Minister Trudeau

The leadership of the Canada Revenue Agency has to go.

Dear Minister, please remove Canada Revenue Agency Commissioner and CEO Andrew Treusch.

Why is this important?

News just broke that while KPMG was under investigation by the Canada Revenue Agency, their accountants were wining and dining CRA tax enforcers at a swanky Ottawa club that serves over-the-top delicacies like scallop ceviche and duck crostini. [1]

This shocking news comes on the heels of reports that the CRA made a backroom deal to let super-rich KPMG clients involved in their tax dodging scheme off the scott free. [2]

This scandal occurred under the leadership of Canada Revenue Agency Commissioner and CEO Andrew Treusch, a Harper-era appointee, and people are asking questions about how much he knew. But whether he was in on the scam, or just so out of touch that it could happen without his knowledge, one thing is clear: if Canada is going to crack down on tax dodging, we need new leadership at the CRA. [3]

[1] CRA execs treated to soiree at private club amid KPMG probe (CBC News)

[2] Canada Revenue offered amnesty to wealthy KPMG clients in offshore tax ‘sham’ (CBC News)

[3] KPMG introduced speech by CRA chief as firm faced offshore tax probe (CBC News)


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