To: Conservative MPs

The Future is Now: What about our Kids?

Mr. Ford and the rest of your cabinet: It is crucial that you reconsider your short-sighted plans to cancel the Green Fund, pull back $100 million dollars in repairs to crumbling schools and scrap the Carbon Tax. Anyone who has children knows the importance of attention being paid NOW to the environment and the dismal future they will face because of our self-serving policies aimed to save money so we can buy cheaper gas and beer! It is shameful, does not address the very real and prove-able looming environmental crises that we will all face, but especially our kids. Ontarians, Canadians and humans all over the globe have a responsibility to the future and our kids deserve better from all of us.

Why is this important?

Our young people are looking at a planet that will be severely compromised without us acting now. I am sick about the me-oriented policies of the Ford government.