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To: Agricultural Land Commission chair Richard Bullock and team

Thank you, Richard Bullock!

Richard Bullock and ALC team, you've earned our appreciation by doing a terrific job for the people of British Columbia and food security everywhere. THANK YOU!

This is a big THANK YOU card. It is given by mindful individuals to a leader, with his team, that has put our future ahead of self.

As a bonus, we'd love to empower integrity, foresight and common sense in public service, qualities that Richard Bullock and his team have embodied.

Note: One reason we keep this online Thank You card up is as an example. This unusual use of a petition has worked effectively.

Note: Richard Bullock was fired for doing too good a job as chair of the Agricultural Land Commission in May 2015. However, he remains active in promoting the ALR and agriculture in British Columbia. Sign to thank him, and we'll keep delivering this virtual Thank You card to him as it grows. He always reads the names and notices where the signers live. It reminds him that the appreciation is coming from all over British Columbia and beyond. Even if it's been a while since the last person signed, feel free to add your support. Thank you too!

Why is this important?

Richard Bullock and those who've worked with him deserve our thanks for defending B.C.'s farmland and food security in difficult times.



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