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To: Mayor Tory and Toronto City Councillor

Tell Toronto City Council - Declare a Climate Emergency

Immediately join Kingston, Vancouver, Halifax, Ottawa, and London in declaring a climate emergency in Toronto and making climate change a key factor in every major decision that city makes.

Why is this important?

Climate change has been a crisis for decades. From the minute that oil companies discovered the impact their industry was having on the climate - and chose to bury the evidence and hide the results - the planet has been facing a major threat.

Now, after decades of lies, pollution, and despair, we know that the clock is ticking and the point of no return is looming large. Recent reports from the UN tell us that we have just twelve years to make massive changes to our entire economy or we face critical climate chaos.

What we are facing is not in the distant future. Climate change is here - and it is an urgent emergency. It's time we treat it as such.

Cities across Canada have declared a climate emergency, factoring climate change into city planning at every level and in some cases unlocking funding for climate mitigation efforts. In just the last week, Ottawa and London joined cities like Vancouver, Kingston, and Halifax that had already declared. It's time that Canada's largest city, the cornerstone of our economy, join those efforts.

Toronto is home to millions of people and almost a fifth of Canada's entire economy. If Toronto declares a climate emergency, it mobilizes an incredible base of support for climate action in Canada and takes its in global climate leadership.

The clock is ticking. Tell the Mayor and Toronto City Council to declare a climate emergency today.


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