Tell the Quebec Premier: Stop clear-cutting Barriere Lake's lands and honour a landmark agreement

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Barriere Lake Solidarity
Tell the Quebec Premier: Stop clear-cutting Barriere Lake's lands and honour a landmark agreement
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To: Pauline Marois, Premier of Quebec

We call on the Quebec Government to halt all resource extraction on Barriere Lake's lands until they have honoured an environmental trailblazer agreement with the First Nation.

Why is this important?

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Today, the forests of the small First Nation of Barriere Lake are being devastated by giant forestry corporations.

For decades this Algonquin community in northern Quebec has been in the forefront in protecting and stewarding their lands and waters for future generations of native and non-native society.

More than 20 years ago Barriere Lake signed a historic Trilateral agreement with Quebec and Canada. Its aim was to establish an unprecedented system of sustainable development and eco-management over 10,000 square kilometres of their unceded traditional territory.[1]

The Quebec government has refused to honour it, instead allowing forestry companies to destroy culturally and ecologically sensitive areas.

Tension is mounting. As in the past, the Quebec government may soon use the police to criminalize community members as they try to peacefully block the destruction of their lands. Already the Quebec police have tried to intimidate Barriere Lake's Chief.

In a letter to the Quebec government, Barriere Lake's leadership writes: "We will use all our means, limited as they are, to protect our territory and our cultural sites. If it again means the [Quebec Police's] strong arm tactics, so be it, and we are ready to once again face the consequences."[2]

With a tide of support in Quebec and across Canada, we can force the Quebec government to honour its commitments to Barriere Lake and join the community in pursuing a path toward a just, sustainable and ecological future.




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  • Marlene C. 2016-06-07 23:39:23 -0400
    The Algonquin people should have the right to preserve their land, and have a say in who gets to use their land.
  • Isaiah P. 2015-09-29 11:47:02 -0400
    It is despicable to think that community leaders would make war with those standing at the side of nature. There are people in this world that have succumb to a form of rabies, a manifestation of their ill desires of greed, control, and power. And just like when wolves in the wild get rabies when their numbers become too numerous and start killing and showing unreasonable aggression towards others around them, this is exactly what i am witnessing among human kind, and it is very alarming.
  • An X. 2014-10-22 23:19:50 -0400
    The indigenous people of Canada have been suppressed by the Canadian government for far too long, and I just want to help give them a voice


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