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To: The great people of Saskatchewan (the only ones with the power to change Mr. Walls' mind)

Demand Saskatchewan's Premier stop denying climate change

Dear people of Saskatchewan. I know you are hard-working, community minded, resilient, humble, and very smart. I know this because I was born in Saskatoon and most of my father's family live in your great province.

But in 2016 it is a great moral and intellectual affront for your Premier - as much as you love and respect him - to call climate change a hoax, and position it as an unfair attack on your economic well being. This kind of black and white thinking not only denies science, it makes Saskatchewan look like a backwards province out of touch with reality, which I know it is not.

Please demand Premier Wall stop denying the science of climate change, stop blocking progress on a National Climate Plan, and join with the rest of the world in taking action to create high quality, clean jobs that don't wreck the climate and cause undue suffering for future generations.

Why is this important?

In the throne speech on May 17, 2016, Premier Wall announced to the world that he disagrees with 97% of climate scientists and still believes climate change is a hoax.

His words, given by the Lieutenant Governor through the Throne Speech: "It is troubling that today, there are some in this country who, given the opportunity, would shut down major parts of Saskatchewan’s economy and put thousands of hard-working Saskatchewan people out of work, all in the name of some misguided dogma that has no basis in reality.

"There are those who are not comfortable with and even oppose much of what we produce in Saskatchewan and how we produce it. They would prefer that those sectors did not exist. They look at those jobs like they are somehow harming the country and the world."

Unfortunately Mr. Wall, there is now a firm global consensus that fossil fuels are harming the world. When you say climate change is a "dogma" you are going against the Pentagon, the World Bank, the Pope, and the leaders of 177 countries around the world who recently signed the Paris climate agreement last month.

It is time to join with the rest of the world, realize the limits of the fossil fuel economy while it slowly phases down, and start to invest in high quality, safe, clean energy jobs to ensure Saskatchewan has a strong, resilient and modern economy for the future.


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