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To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Tell Justin Trudeau: No War In Iran

Issue a statement committing Canada to de-escalation, and affirming that Canada will not deploy even a single soldier in support of an invasion of Iran.

Why is this important?

Canada is known around the world for our commitment to peace. Now, we have a chance to lead the world towards peace again - by making it impossible for Trump to pursue a war of aggression with Iran.

The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 is now widely regarded as a disastrous mistake. Warhawks like John Bolton lied to the world in order to pursue a war of aggression in the Middle East. And they made no secret of their desire to invade Iran as well.

Today, many of the very same people are back in power in the United States - and it looks as though they may get their wish.

But we can help slam the brakes on another disastrous conflict.

A strong statement from the Prime Minister committing Canada to de-escalation and assuring that not a single Canadian soldier will be deployed to support an invasion of Iran will send a clear message to President Trump that even the United States' closest ally will not support him in his military adventures.

Doing so will set an example for other traditional American allies in Europe and around the world. Left without partners for his ill-fated scheme, Trump could well be forced to abandon plans for an invasion.

Somebody will have to be first - and Canada, long a leader in peace-keeping, can be the leader here too.

Together, we can make it happen. If thousands of Canadians sign this petition, Trudeau will see that the Canadian public is against a war in Iran and know that we'll have his back when he stands up to Trump.

We have the power to stop a war. Sign now and spread the word.


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