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To: Mayor John Tory, Mayor of Toronto

Tell John Tory: We Care About Democracy at City Hall!

Admit that Toronto deserves majority rule, and commit to never using Bill 39's undemocratic powers

Why is this important?

Bill 39 is a provincial bill that gives Mayor Tory the ability to pass motions with just 1/3 of the Council - a power of minority rule that is an affront to every instinct of democracy. [1] The bill has united the political spectrum in condemnation - even conservative pundits have called it an affront to democracy. [2]

On Wednesday, December 14th, Mayor John Tory told a reporter that "nobody" talks to him about Bill 39. [3]

Toronto is facing a numerous issues, from lack of affordable housing to transit overcrowding and more - but upending democracy is no solution.

It's time to talk to Mayor Tory about Bill 39.

Use this form to send Mayor Tory an email telling him that you care about democracy in Toronto, and that he should defend it - by joining the Mayor of Ottawa in committing to never use Bill 39's autocratic powers. [4]





Toronto, ON, Canada

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