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To: Tom Keiser, CEO of Hootsuite, and the Hootsuite Board

Tell Hootsuite: cancel your contract with ICE

We won! Hootsuite cancelled the contract.

See details and their statement here:

Cancel the recently signed three year contract with ICE

Why is this important?

Forced sterilization of migrants. Separating refugee children from their families. Actively refusing to protect detainees from COVID.

ICE is committing human rights atrocities. Full stop.

The catastrophically evil record of ICE is not news. These atrocities are well documented - there is literally an ICE atrocities database. [1] Ongoing human rights atrocities were explicitly cited by Union Pacific, the latest corporation to cut ties with Trump's enforcement thugs. [2]

And yet Vancouver-based Hootsuite, a certified B Company that is chartered explicitly "meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance", just signed a three-year contract with ICE. This is complicity with Trump's neofascist human rights abuses - for profit.

People in Canada are mortified by the Trump regime. We may not be able to vote in their election, but we certainly will not sit idly by and allow a Canadian corporation to profit from atrocity. We are demanding that Hootsuite join the many corporations who have cut ties with ICE, and cancel the new contract immediately.



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