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To: Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Dear PM Harper: can your spy agency find the $3.1 billion your government lost?

Tell Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) to stop spying on Brazil, and start working to find the $3.1 billion your government lost last spring.

Why is this important?

Canada's relationship with Brazil is in tatters after allegations that one of Canada's spy agencies, Communications Security Establishment Canada, spied on the Brazilian Mines and Energy Ministry.[1]

The President of Brazil has demanded an explanation for the apparent industrial espionage. Our international standing has just taken another big hit that could threaten our trade relationships with one of the most important economies in the world.

At the same time, the Harper Conservatives still can't account for $3.1 billion that was supposed to go to "anti-terror" initiatives. Last spring, Canada's Auditor General, Michael Ferguson, reported that the government can't explain what happened to a whopping $3.1 billion - and six months later we still have no idea where all of our public money went.[2]

The solution seems simple - call on PM Harper to tell the Communications Security Establishment to stop spying on Brazil and start working to find the missing $3.1 billion.


[1]Canada-Brazil spying allegations could be a "major setback" for business, professor says (Canadian Press)

[2]Canada can't account $3.1 billion in anti-terror funding, AG finds (CBC)

How it will be delivered

If we get a 1,000 signatures we will deliver the petitions in person and send out a press release.



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